10 Amazing Cardio Workouts Excluding Running


Running is one of the most efficient cardio exercises. But some people want to enjoy cardio but exclude running. Stay here if you’re one of them. This is for you because we are going to discuss some cardio workouts that don’t involve running. They wouldn’t take more than 20 minutes and you will get the benefit of a cardio workout. This will get your heart pumped and help in burning calories. Trust me this doesn’t require lacing up running shoes. The interesting thing about this workout is that you don’t need any equipment. 

You can perform these exercises at Cheap Gym Near Me any time. There is no restriction on yourself with a specific cardio class. It will be a fast and simple cardio routine and will leave you feeling awesome. So, are you ready to get moving? So, here is the detail of this deal:

  • Perform each exercise explained below for 1 minute. But go as hard for it as you can.
  • After all, exercises catch your breath and repeat the sequence 2 more times. 

Exercises Excluding Running:

So, here your wait comes to an end and let’s move forward towards those amazing workouts.

  1. Jogging At One Place:
  • Start the exercise by standing in a way that your feet and hips are distant apart.
  • Lift feet one by one to start jogging. Speed up the working of your legs to increase heart rate.
  1. Rope Jumping:

Keep hips and feet distant apart, stretch your arms aside like you are holding a real rope. Close your palms like the handle of rope is in your hands. Start jumping over the rope by assuming that it is circling you. 

  1. Skiers:
  • Stand by joining feet together and bending your knees. After that hold the bent elbows next to the side. 
  • By keeping feet together jump and turn. Turn in a way that hips and toes point right.
  • Again, jump by keeping feet together. Turn in a way that your hips and toes point left.
  • In this workout continue jumping left and right. Just make sure that keep your legs tightly together. The arms and waist should only turn. Feel like you are holding ski poles. 
  1. Front Kicks:
  • Start workout at a Cheap Gym Near Me by keeping feet and hip-width apart. Bend your arms and hold them out in front of you. 
  • Raise your right leg by bending your knee slightly. Kick right foot forward in the same position. Maintain a flexed ankle and push through your heel.
  • After that place right foot down and switch towards left.
  • Continue these movements for the desired amount of time. 
  1. Surfer Squats:
  • Start this exercise by putting yourself in a squat position. In a way that the body faces the side of the room. However, make certain that your gaze is directed forward.
  • Jump at an angle of 180 degrees and land in a squat position. The body should now be facing the opposite side of the room. Still keep eyes forward. 
  • Continue making a jump at the angle of 180 degrees with turns. Keep eyes looking forward and body in a squat position.
  1. Mountain Climber:
  • Start this workout in a position of a plank by keeping arms and legs long. 
  • Draw one knee into your abdominals and then into the chest. Switch legs while making this move quickly. Continue this by running right, left, right, left knees to the chest. Prevent yourself from bouncing up and down by keeping abs tight.
  1. Jumping Jacks:
  • Start the exercise with a slight bend in the knees and let hands rest on thighs.
  • By keeping knees bent, open legs and arms out to the sides. Arms must be higher than the head, and legs must be wider than the shoulders. Then close your arms and legs and get back to the original position. 
  1. Power Skips:
  • Stand by keeping hips and feet distant apart.
  • Lift your right knee and leap into the air, landing on your left foot. Continue this skipping motion at that place for the desired amount of time.
  1. High Knees:
  • Keep your hip and legs distant apart.
  • Lift the right knee as far as it can go. Then raise the opposite arm. Switch quickly in a way that the left foot is up before the right foot lands. Continue pulling legs up and down for as long as desired. 
  1. Butt Kicks:
  • Begin by standing tall and lifting one heel off the ground. Turn your heel towards your glute. Meanwhile, the opposite hand comes up to your shoulder by maintaining a posture of running. Then switch the same pose to the other side.
  • This exercise works on your hamstrings so that you feel this in the glutes. Also, when pulling the heel in at the back of the legs. 

This is a great cardio workout and it’s a guarantee that it will make you sweat. This is much better than continuous running. People love to do a cardio workout at Nearby Cheap Gym. This would be a love for beginners because it is not difficult to do. 

Benefits Of Cardio:

  • This workout is an effective source of losing weight.
  • It is one of the best exercises that gives strength to the heart.
  • This is effective against reducing the risk of several diseases. 
  • Lung capacity improves due to the high intensity of the cardio workout.
  • This workout boosts the energy of the body naturally.
  • Due to the increased production of the relaxing hormones the mental health improves. 
  • The relaxation of the mind results in better sleep.
  • The immune system gets better due to which the chances of getting sick are reduced. 

Final Words:

This article is a source of fulfilling the dream of those who don’t like running. But still loves to do a cardio workout. The above-mentioned exercises are some of the best and can produce a better result. Meridian Fitness is the best place for practicing these workouts. The results of it will make you satisfied and spending 20 minutes on it is not a big deal. Time always acts as a constraint for exercise lovers but not this time. 

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