10 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Training Secrets to Win

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Jiu-jitsu itself is a separate skill set from competitive grappling. Have you ever met someone who excels at rolling but fails miserably when put in a competitive situation? This individual typically dominates open mats due to their superior training skills, but they have yet to fully develop their competitive abilities. Perhaps they despise competition because they fear defeat and view it as an unnecessary source of anxiety. It can be even more difficult if you’re just starting jiu-jitsu and want to compete too. Either style of Jiu-Jitsu can use these guidelines. So, wear your BJJ uniforms and follow the guide to get your maximum chance in your competition.

1.    Create a sense of competition inside yourself.

Winning does not go to the most athletic, the leanest, the most trained, or the most technically proficient grappler. Whoever has the will and determination to compete ultimately achieves victory. Just because you didn’t win a tournament doesn’t make you a bad person or a jiu-jitsu loser. You have to have a fighting spirit to win the combat.

2.    Participate in as many contests as possible

You can win tournaments by being particularly skilled or exceptionally fortunate. If you’re playing in the finals and your opponent had a tough first match, you might get lucky and win easily. Perhaps the regular victor in this division is absent today. You’ll have more luck if you enter more competitions. More competition means more experience, which in turn means more victories. More competition means more victories.

3.    Develop a strategic approach

Do not try to figure it out as you go along. Since jiu-jitsu is a team sport, it’s important to prepare for the competition by developing a strategy and training with teammates who share your philosophy. Take your strategy into account and use it on tournament day.

4.    Develop a calm composure

Tensions rise when people are constantly trying to outdo one another. Tensions are bound to run high on tournament day. Don’t run away from it or hide. Instead, welcome it with open arms. Of course, you’ll be anxious, but you’ll be able to deal with it better than the rest of the contenders. Have you ever witnessed someone nearly having an anxiety attack during a tournament? Be careful you don’t end up like that guy. A rigorous pre-game warm-up can be one instrument for this purpose. You can get into a rhythm where you’re not thinking about winning or losing the match but instead concentrating on giving your best performance. A rigorous warm-up aids in this and gets the body ready. Some worry that if they warm up too vigorously, they’ll be too exhausted to perform at their best during the competition. An intense warm-up is only the beginning of the cardiovascular preparation for a well-prepared athlete. If vigorous warm-up leaves you too exhausted to continue, you probably weren’t ready, to begin with.

5.    Monitor your progress

How did your competition go? What were your strengths and weaknesses? Keep a record of your progress and your discoveries. Make a note of it for later. Use that to adapt your game plan for the following competition. For example, by tracking your data, you can discover your best sweeps are from half-guard and the best passes are from over/under. Having such knowledge can help you plan according for the next tournament.

6.    Improve flexibility

If you study the moves of top-tier BJJ players, you’ll find that they have an incredible range of motion. Some examples include BJ Penn and Eddie Bravo. Leg and hip mobility are crucial for the successful execution of techniques like triangle chokes.

If you’re adaptable, you’ll have a better chance of evading oppression. We’ve all seen bouts where one fighter was able to break free from a joint lock that would have forced most others to tap out.

7.    Hone your basic skills

It’s simple to get sidetracked by the allure of learning flashy moves such as a helicopter armbar. It is absurd, as such strategies are rarely employed in actual tournaments. Don’t get sidetracked, and return to the basics instead. The top BJJ practitioners are distinguished from the rest by mastering fundamentals such as keeping their elbows in, avoiding being flat on their backs, and reversing any given position.

8.    Use your fellow practitioners

Several of your training partners are likely to become closer to you than others, which may influence how much time you spend rolling and training with them. Knowing one another’s limitations allows you to challenge one another to improve.

In addition, you need to put in a lot of time training alongside the other people at the gym. Building a well-rounded skill set requires training with people who differ from you in terms of size, strength, and playing style. It’s ideal for working with people with different body types than your own, such as the extremely tall individual at the gym. Using your fellows in BJJ uniforms is a great way to broaden your combat skillset.

9.    Practice BJJ-centered drills

Several of the muscles you’ll be using in your BJJ training may be strengthened using drills like the bear crawl, crocodile crawl, and triangle drill. Incorporate these moves into your workout program to boost your strength and conditioning for BJJ.

10.    Cut weight

The main benefit of someone at the heavier end of their weight class is the motivation behind the competitors’ decision to shed weight. Weight class sports include wrestling, MMA, and BJJ. The more bulk you can add to win the battle, the more you need to be at the higher end of your weight class.

Fighters undergo weight loss operations in order to lose weight and reach the top of their weight division. After that, the competitors rehydrate and consume wholesome foods to build their power and endurance for the BJJ competition.

The advantage of losing weight is obvious: you will be competing against someone who is 5 to 10 lbs lighter than you. You have the upper hand in terms of strength and weight. So, if you are willing to win your next competition, you must start working on the given guidelines right now. Collect your training equipment and fit BJJ uniforms (you can check out StarPro Combat for the best deals and variety) and get on the mat for your next contest.

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