10 Tips to Increase Your E-Commerce Sales In 2021


Can you recall the time when you made an online purchase? Well, it must not be that long ago. Isn’t it?

It is a fact that the e-commerce business is rapidly expanding, and ever since the global pandemic, it seems to be accelerating at a faster pace. We can see how e-commerce development services are taking the lead in the online markets today.

If we talk about 2019, the global retail market was about 14.1%. However, in 2023 people foresee it to increase and reach up to 22%. Hence, once again, reminding us that online shopping is not going to come at rest anytime soon.

Here, we are not tipping you about increasing your website traffic but simply taking you through some outstanding strategies to elevate the number of sales, generate good revenues and make loyal customers. So let us begin with the tips and tricks!

Focus on the loyal customers first

It is highly essential to attract more customers to your services. Usually, people leave their loyal customers and focus more on attracting new ones. Well, this is not how it goes. It would be best if you started by targeting the existing customers.

It is a known fact that existing customers add more items to their carts. Hence, they are likely to increase your conversion rate. You never know whether the new customer would exit before check out or not. It is essential to keep customer retention improving by working on your loyal customers. Ultimately, when you are done enlarging the customer base, you can easily target new customers.

Upselling is a great idea

Did you know upselling is a way to attract your loyal customers? Upselling is all about proposing the best-selling product from your products and services. You have various platforms to do this. Using SMS alerts or going for an email marketing campaign will be of great help. However, the idea is to upsell other products of your e-commerce store. An attractive short message with a clear tagline is the best way to go ahead. Do not forget to add your store link at the bottom. After all, you need more sales, so all the best with this strategy.

Optimize sites on smartphones

It is a fact that customers like the convenience of using smartphones. The search for smartphones is increasing rapidly, and it has undoubtedly taken over desktops. You cannot expect your store to be dysfunctional on smartphones, living in the digital landscape of today. The best way is to make your e-commerce website mobile-ready. It needs to be optimized for smartphones so that customers can conveniently make their purchases using it. Altogether, your site needs to be highly responsive and a quick load. Your customers should be able to navigate it easily and also have a good user experience on it. Hence, these factors play a crucial role in increasing sales for your e-commerce business.

Straightforward sales copy

Your sales copy needs to be honest and depict trustworthiness. If you want your company to withstand an excellent reputation, then your brand needs to show trust. Always remember, customers are savvy, and they will immediately identify fake claims. Hence, make sure the sales copy has a straightforward approach to attract more clients. Moreover, the homepage, social media pages, and emails all have to depict a consistent tonality. Please do not pretend to be someone. Only show the things you can do and own it!

Create the fear of missing out

The best way to increase sales in 2021 is to pick the behavior of online shoppers and turn it into an experience. How? Customers would always look for things they like, and you cannot just introduce other stuff to them. Please make sure you track their preferences and create a fear of missing out their favorite products. This way, they will be able to take your time-sensitive offers and eventually end up purchasing them.

Moreover, if you want to add more interest to this method, offer it at discounted prices. It is going to help for sure.

Offer benefits to the customers

Did you ever wonder why there are more sales during holiday seasons? It’s simply because brands offer a fantastic discount to their prospective customers. Similarly, if you want to go a little offbeat and offer discounts apart from just holiday days, you should immediately do it.

Free shipping always hit the right spot

If you are ever willing to increase your sales, try offering free shipping to potential customers. Even if the delivery charges are low, people will still leave the products when they feel like it. However, free shipping will act as a motivator, and they will finally check out.

Well, it is just the psyche of buyers. They are attracted to free shipping, and it plays a crucial role in increasing sales too.

Build trust through testimonials and badges

Your e-commerce website should always depict loyalty and trust. The genuine depiction you will highlight will adversely affect your customers. Customers will always purchase after reading the honest reviews on your website. It will help them know about your services and business in general. However, make sure you ask the customers to fill a review once they have received their parcels. 

Make checkout process simpler

It is essential to make the process of checkout as simple as possible. It is because customers do not like going for lengthy procedures to waste their time. Time plays a crucial role here, and they will likely exit the website without purchasing if you ask them too much.

Try for an email marketing campaign

Did you know email marketing campaigns can be of great benefit if you strategically plan them out? Your potential customers are highly active on their smartphones, and if you are their favorite brand, they will not miss a single push notification by your store. However, email alerts or even SMS alerts would do a great job here. The best way is to hire a perfect content strategist who can draft a compelling message for your business.


The best way to increase your sales in modern dynamics is to follow the tips mentioned earlier. It will not only help but also let your brand earn some loyalty points from prospective customers. Good luck!

Uneeb Khan
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