5 Different Ways to Sit Correctly at your Office Desk

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An office desk is a place where you spend almost forty to fifty hours. You spend almost half of your day in the office in front of the desk. Different people sit in a different postures. Everyone sits in a posture where they feel comfortable. It is important to have a piece of proper furniture at your working place. The furniture for offices is the most important thing an office should have.

If you are the one who is concerned about the sitting position in an office then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the different sitting positions that will make you less pain full during your weekend.

One of the most important tips is to make your working station comfortable . If you have a comfortable working station then it will be easier for you to have a proper sitting position. Place an ergonomic chair and a proper desk for the office.

Ways to Sit Correctly at the Office Desk

Following are some of the best ways through which you can better know about the best sitting positions in front of the office desk.

  • Back support
  • Chair and desk
  •  The screen should be at eye level
  • Feet on floor
  • Breaks during work

Now let us discuss these points in detail.

Back Support 

Make sure that you have proper support at your back. Place a proper chair in your office. another way if you don’t have a proper chair then place a cushion on your lower back. This will help you to sit properly. An adjustable chair of good quality will help you to sit properly.

Chair and Desk

Make sure that your chair height and desk are at the same height. Make sure that your arm is at 90 -degree angle and sit comfortably. Your desk height and the chair height should be comfortable so that you can easily place your hand on the keyboard.

The Screen Should be at Eye Level

Make sure that your screen should be at your eye level. A good desk position means that your neck should not be injured. Keep your laptop screen at your eye level so that your neck sould see straight to the screen. This helps you to keep your neck straight rather than keeping it up or down.

Feet on Floor

Another best position is to place your feet on the floor. Try to place your eg straight down the floor . keeping your leg twisted or any other position reduces the flow of blood circulation in your legs and in this case you feel more uncomfortable while doing your office chores.

Breaks During Work

Make sure to take some breaks during your work. Continuously seeing the screen is dangerous for the eye as well. Take a break from work and goes drink a glass of water . This will help in circulating the blood flow in your body. Another way is to change your position at working place or make your office short meeting while standing up.

Furniture For Office

All this is not enough when you do not have proper furniture in the office. Furniture in the office should be proper. One with a low budget can also purchase a second-hand desk for office. Office furniture outlet has the best variety of used furniture at a reasonable rate.

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