5 Myths About Traveling In Africa

These are some of the things that people hear when they decide to take Traveling In Africa. Usually, it comes from the folks that have never been to Africa and sometimes do not even know that Africa is an entire and not just a tiny village of savages. Their false perception is solidified by pop culture and news. Thus it is hardly a coincidence that so many westerners have a negative impression of it.

Contrary to what people say and the media portrays, Africa is a hub of varied cultures, thrilling activities, and awe-inspiring landscapes. It is a continent fraught with people on the move, a growing film industry, and thriving tech centers, and a lot more.

Thereby, it is high time we address the misconceptions about traveling in Africa and bust the following myths!

Africa is just one giant place

Thanks to Hollywood movies and pop culture, most westerners see Africa as a state filled with cocoa plants and savages. In reality, Africa is a super diverse continent with 54 countries and is bigger than India, China, and most of Europe combined!

Furthermore, it is home to the Sahara desert, i.e., the world’s largest desert, Kilimanjaro, i.e., the world’s largest free-standing mountain, and Madagascar, i.e., the world’s biggest habitat.

Africa is dangerous

There is no denying that the series of attacks in Kenya by Al-Shabab and the civil war in Sudan has done more than a fair share of damage to Africa’s reputation. Furthermore, with the Rwandan genocide still fresh in the minds, most people think of Africa as a place fraught with danger and conflict.

Although some African places are indeed too unsafe to travel. Generalizing this on the entire continent is unfair, to say the least. It might scare your eyes, but according to the Institute for Economics and Pstudyyce. Some African states are much safer than the United States!

Voluntourism is all you can do in Africa

Africa sees a huge number of volunteers on an annual basis. However, it is not all you can do in Africa. You can also tour the pyramids of Giza. Explore the ancient cities in Morocco, bungee-jump at Victoria Falls, and laze down on the beaches of Zanzibar. 

You need to drain your money to enjoy in Africa

Since most people assume that you cannot have fun in Africa unless you go on safaris, they think traveling in Africa requires a considerable budget. However, Africa is not the only land of safaris that cost several thousand dollars each day and boujee hotels with butlers.

With dozens of cheap accommodations and rentals, Africa is surprisingly cost-effective. Furthermore, there are self-contained vaccination centers for people who like to be more cautious than others.

Transportation is also not expensive at all. Africa offers the most budget-friendly safaris in the world. If you are a bit too tight on budget, you can also get hop-on/hop-off buses and astoundingly cheap car rentals in South Africa and Namibia.

Africa is underdeveloped and always dirty

If this is your first trip to Africa, you would hear endlessly how underdeveloped Africa is and how dirty the roads are. Although that might be the case a couple of decades back, most African countries are anything but underdeveloped today. Rwanda has the most smooth and clean roads, and its capital Kigali is filled with sprawling mansions.

Besides the infrastructure, some African countries and emblems of future society. Take Rwanda, for example. It has 61% of women in the parliament, i.e., more women in politics than any other country.

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