5 Remedies To Stop Yourself From Snoring


If you have an issue with snoring then don’t worry, you aren’t alone. It is well understood that snoring causes a number of issues even in a healthy marriage. If one of the spouses snores, the other one gets disturbed, then this leads to the change of bedrooms and in severe cases a change in the house. 

How does this snoring happen then? According to the doctor that provides the best services when it comes to ent in Lahore, while you are asleep the air flows through your adjustable beds throat and makes a weird sound full of friction, which can be irritating to hear for so many. It is not only the sleep of your partner that gets disturbed but it’s you who gets disturbed the most.

Even if it’s not something that bothers you, you still don’t have to ignore it. It can be a sign of a serious illness that no one thinks of. It can be sleep deprivation, a critical issue with your mouth and throat, or could be obesity. In other cases, it is just your sleeping posture or just too much consumption of alcohol. 

To treat this at home, let’s have a look at some of the remedies that can be performed. 

Lose the extra fats

If you are overweight and are obese, you need to lose some of the extra weight. This will reduce the number of extra tissues that are present in your throat which play a vital role in making you snore. You need to lose weight overall, as in you need to reduce your calorie intake by reducing your meals and cutting out fat intake slowly. 

Eat your food in smaller portions and look for healthy food options. Make it a habit of exercising daily. You can also get the needed help from your doctor or nutritionist. 

Try and sleep on the side

If you sleep on your back, there is a high chance that your tongue will move backwards causing the throat to get compact. This will hinder the flow of breathing and can cause a blockage in the airflow. 

When you sleep on the side the tongue doesn’t move backwards and this is how the air passages are open for you to breathe deep and hindrance-free. This can help you to breathe properly and prevent you from snoring and disturbing your and other people’s sleep. 

Go for nasal strips 

There are nasal strips available in the market that can be placed on the bridge of the nose to make space for the sir to pass out easily. This is a great way that has been in practice for a very long time. It reduces the effectiveness of breathing can hold very few chances of you snoring when you have it on. 

There are other options also available that include nasal dilators when applied on the nose across the nostrils can stop you from snoring. Nasal dilators are adherent strips that are quite solidified. 

Look for structural issues

Some people are not born with a perfectly structured nose. This doesn’t let them breathe properly and causes hindrance in the pathway of breathing. A deviated septum is what it is called. It is a kind of discrepancy that appears on the wall of the nose that separates both sides. 

This causes a person to breathe through the mouth instead of the nose. And then it leads to snoring and one makes weird sounds during sleep. This can only be treated by getting surgery done. Consult your doctor to get your X-rays done before you decide anything by yourself.

Change your pillows 

Do you know that the allergens in your pillows or the bedsheet can cause you to snore? The fan in the ceiling can have dust particles that can enter your pillow and cause dust mites. 

These can gather in the pillow and can cause hypersensitized reactions to you that can result in snoring. If you feel okay during the daytime and at night your nose gets blocked and you start to snore it means there are issues with your pillowcase. Wash your pillowcases and send you pillows o get dry cleaned once every week. 

Final Thoughts

If you often snore but can’t determine the real cause behind it. If everything else is fine and there is no major cause behind your snoring then it’s better to visit your doctor and clear your confusion. 

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