6 facts to be considered when you looking for Concentrate packaging

concentrate packaging

Concentrates are much stronger than pre-rolls. They are potent products made from the essence of cannabis plants. Concentrates contain a higher percentage of CBD. It allows a person to get a higher dose in a short time. It’s the reason that many of us prefer it over other forms of cannabis. Concentrates claim to give several benefits to human health. They have been legalized in many places therefore you can easily find them in the market. This industry is expected to earn a large share of revenue in the upcoming years. With the availability of different brands competing in the market, you need to present your products differently to establish your identity.  Custom concentrate packaging can make a good contribution in this regard. It attracts the shoppers towards your products and helps you in generating good sales for your company. However, designing them accurately is the key to success. Let us have a look at some interesting facts to consider when you are looking for concentrate packaging:

Invest In Durable Quality:

No matter how unique and attractive your package is, if it is unable to protect the products inside all goes useless. As a business owner, it is essential to choose high-quality materials to design your custom concentrate boxes. As your products have to move through different points in a supply chain, so their packaging should be durable and sturdy enough to withstand the hardships of transportation. Your CBD concentrates might come across external pressure, dust, moisture, and accidental downfall, jerks, or any other type of mishandling during transportation. Investing in quality packaging makes customers happy. It ensures that your products are delivered safe and sound to the destination.  Although a premium quality packaging might cost you a little more this investment is worth the cost. Seal your packages properly. Make them tamper-evident. Such good quality concentrate boxes will help you in saving the cost of damaged goods or exchanges.

Make Customers Recognize your Brand:

When it comes to CBD concentrates, your packaging design should be appealing enough to attract buyers. It should make customers recognize your brand easily at a sight. However, the kids should stay away from it. For designing an appropriate package, first, consider your customer base and then design the boxes accordingly. Your target market might be mainly late teens and adults. To create a packaging design that gives a clean and sophisticated look. Never forget to include your logo and other necessary branding details. Choose a signature color, a particular theme, or a unique design for your brand to make people recognize it easily. Make it look serious so that kids are never attracted to them. When you can allure your customer base by creating perfect concentrate packaging, more sales occur.

Focus on Sustainability:

Sustainability is a key element to consider when it comes to packaging choices. The customers of today no longer want plastic or Styrofoam! Especially if you are selling natural food, body care products, or any other herbal item, sustainability is the most effective way to promote your brand. The custom concentrate boxes designed by using eco-friendly material depict your brand as more responsible. This is because such packaging is reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. They provide no harm to the environment like other types of careless packaging. Moreover, it assures customers that your brand cares about the planet. Such eco-conscious concerns make customers happy and satisfied and make them feel that they are a part of this initiative.

Provide Important Details:

Another important fact to consider when you are looking for concentrate packaging is its ability to educate the customers. Not all the details can be communicated verbally or through advertisement. Your custom concentrate boxes can make things easier. They deliver all the required information that a customer needs before purchasing a product. For example, highlight what your product is all about. Make a list of ingredients, quantity, weight, health benefits, directions to use or store, and warnings, etc. Find out the stated laws for the packaging of CBD products in your area. Also, add points that help a customer to decide why to buy a concentrate. When a customer gets all the required details together in the same package, it motivates him to make a purchase.

Go for Custom Sizes and Unique Shapes:

Saving money by sticking to the same sizes and shapes is very easy for the manufacturers but they end up in customer dissatisfaction and loss of sales. This is because the same size fits all approach is no longer useful now. Every concentrate product is unique and has a different packaging requirement. It means that you need to create a package of different serving sizes to address your need. Similarly sticking to the same box shape can never appeal to customers. It starts losing the shelf impact. Experimenting with unique shapes can make your concentrates more appealing to the customers. It’s your choice whether you want to use a simple tuck-end box or go for sleeves, bottom closure boxes, gable boxes, flip-top boxes, and a lot more. Showing creativity by experimenting with unique shapes and custom sizes reflect the professionalism of your brand. Such flexible packaging adds on more convenience during storage, handling, and transition of goods. As a result, your brand starts getting more popular in the retail marketplace.

A Great Branding & Design:

Last but not the least, a great packaging design, both in the terms of material and graphics can do wonders for your concentrate business. The packaging material and design you choose should reflect your brand identity well. It should grab the attention of the target audience and help you in achieving consistency across your entire product range. A perfect graphic design is a thing that connects the target audience with your products. It includes the right mix of images, colors, layout, typography, and more. Make your logo fit into it creatively. You may also work on innovative design elements like windows, die-cuts, handles, inserts or filler, etc. to create a mesmerizing display. If your custom cardboard boxes succeed in sending the right branding message to the target audience, it will help in improving your bottom line tremendously.

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