6 Things you should Check before Going to Intermediate College


Looking for the best intermediate college to study after your matriculation? If yes! Congratulations, as this article is going to help you with your quest. College plays an important role in any student’s life as it is the turn of life from childhood towards maturity. The college will provide you with a lot of friends that are going to stay with you in all ups and downs of your upcoming life. 

This part of life has a greater influence on your life as compared to all of the other tenures of life. Not only your personal life, but your professional life is also dependent upon your college.

Choosing a college to pursue studies in is a tough nut to crack. This is why I am writing this article. This article will provide you with all the help you need to choose your college. Whether you are looking for an intermediate college or the college to do ADP English. Each of your questions about choosing a college is answered in this article.

Point to look before getting enrolled in any college. If all the below-given points are satisfied, get yourself enrolled blindly.

  • Academic Majors Available
  • Affordable Cost
  • Location
  • Student Activities
  • Career counseling
  • Feel at home on Campus

Academic Majors Available:

Many students are well aware of their field of interest. They have decided the fields they want to pursue their careers in. To go with the degree of your interests it is more than necessary to find the college in which the specific major is offered. 

So, the first point to choosing an intermediate college is to check whether the college is offering your desired degree or not. Similarly, if you are interested in ADP business administration go for Riphah International college as it is offering your desired degree.


College expenses are very hard to manage, and when you are paying your dues by yourself then it gets even harder. The second thing to look for after your desired major is the affordability of college. Even if your parents are paying for you, it is your obligation to save them money as much as you can. Go for the colleges that are offering your desired course, compare their fee structure, analyze them and get yourself enrolled.


Try to select the college somewhere near to your living place. It will save you time and cost against your daily commute. The third benefit it will provide you is mental peace. Travelling is fun but occasionally. If you have to travel a long way to your college you can get stressed and it can disturb your studies badly. So after major and affordability, this is the most important point to go for.

Student Activities:

Before you join any college try to find out their yearly schedule for extracurricular activities. College is the place where you have to be healthy in both studies and extracurricular activities to maintain balance in your life. The colleges that have sound extracurricular activities are more beneficial than the colleges with no extracurricular activities. “All Study no play makes Jack a dull boy” I hope you all have gone through this quote and it proves my point. 

Career Counselling:

Career counseling is a must to check before admission to college. As many students are not aware of their future goals. They are unable to find their path or area of interest, to have a better future these students need career counseling that should be provided by the college. The main reason behind counseling in college is to find the student’s area of interest so that they can manage to get the student on track for a better future.

Feel at home on Campus:

The college campus should be a friendly place where you can feel at home. It is a common problem of students that they can’t study in a stressed environment. If the college campus seems like a jail it won’t help students with their study moreover it will haunt them. A friendly college environment with a well-managed campus will definitely improve the results of students and can boost the goodwill of the college.


All of the above-mentioned points are a must check before getting enrolled in any college. If any of the above-mentioned points are missing in college I won’t suggest you take admission in that college. College is the most important spam of anybody’s life so try to spend it keenly.

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