6 Ways to Plan Your Wedding Budget (For the Saver)


We all know that when we hear wedding, we can hear the sound of money leaving our accounts. People have taken loans, sold their lands, worked 5 jobs and created a separate savings account just for their weddings. 

This is how expensive weddings can be and it shows why it is vital that a total budget is set for each area in your wedding. This will ensure that you do not spend more than what you can afford and in the long run you could actually end up saving up from planning wisely. To help you out, here are 6 ways to plan your wedding budget and cut costs: 

Get Married Out of the Peak Season

One of the best ways to reduce a hefty invoice is to plan your wedding outside of the usual wedding season or on a weekday. There are studies that have been done to prove this. For example, one such study conducted by Bride book’s in 2019 demonstrated that couples saved up to 5000 pounds by following this tip. 

Smaller Gathering 

Try to keep the guest list short. Keep it intimate, especially with an ever-evolving virus roaming around. Really focus and choose the people that you just cannot imagine celebrating your nuptials without. Not only is this safer for you and your guests, your bank account will thank you. In addition, you could opt for having the reception and ceremony at the same location, you will save both time and money. 

Affordable Dress

Many brides love to splurge a few thousand dollars on their wedding dress and they have every right to do so. But some places just take a few extra thousands just to make a quick buck. You could look for places that fit into your budget or search for wedding dresses online. You can find many options available. You could have the option of choosing a dress online and going to the store for a consultation or buy a dress at half the price rather than getting it tailor made. 


You can DYI so many different aspects of your wedding. Send out invites you’ve created yourself on templates you find on various websites and get them printed or emailed. Moreover, you could DIY wedding décor using your friends’ skills to help you out. This is also a sure way to stand out in the arena of uniqueness when it comes to your wedding 

The Right Flowers 

Choose the flowers that are in bloom during the time you have planned to have your wedding. The season will definitely change the costs. The more available a flower is, the cheaper it will be! Instead of focusing on particular types that could potentially cost you a fortune, go for the flowers in season and save up!

Reduce Bar Expenses 

I mean, most wedding do serve alcohol, taking it completely off the list is considered taboo for a majority of the global population. You could opt out of the open bar and choose to serve a few signature cocktails or limit to serving only wines and beer at the reception. Either one will drastically cut down your costs. The choice is yours. 

Spend wisely and enjoy the process of planning out your big day!

Uneeb Khan
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