7 Types of Travel Bags to Help You Deal with Your Baggage


Without the proper easy carrying travel bags, you can’t enjoy a smooth journey. Depending on the tour different bags are applicable like travel backpacks, duffel bags, travel trunks, packing cells, etc.

A light-weighted bag can reduce the extra cost of air travel. Not only that, a heavy bag is always irritating to carry with. To give you a hassle-free shopping experience of travel bags we have come up with a list of the top seven bags. Let’s check out the list and order the most suitable bag for your trip.

1.      Backpack

This one is the most popular among travelers.  Easy to carry multiple accessories and travel apparel together. The only disadvantage of this bag is when the bag is overloaded, an extra load on the shoulder can be painful when walking. To avoid this thing double check that there was a padded shoulder guard with it. Generally, these types of bags are best for camping and long trips.

2.      Wheeled Travel Bag

If you don’t want to carry the backpack on your shoulder always then this is the best option for you. Basically, it is another backpack with added wheels. You can roll it up when at airport or walking on the street. But this bag is not so flexible like other backpacks when lugging it up on the mountain. These types of bags are the best for travel in the cities.

3.      Packing Cube

Packing cubes or packing cells are very handy when it comes to packing travel apparel. Three different sizes are available for packing cubes. The small size is best for packing underwear, scarf, socks, and other small things. The medium size is best for shorts and t-shirts and the large one is perfect for packing heavy dresses.

4.      Duffel Bags

Also known as a weekender bag is basically made of leather or canvas. This bag is perfect for weekend trips or short trips. Instead of carrying a bulky suitcase, you can go for a duffel bag. But these types of bags are not perfect for camping and long-distance travel.

5.       Laptop Bags

Especially for travel bloggers or freelancers this back is the perfect option. You can easily carry your laptop, iPad, and other gadgets in this bag safely. A single large-sized laptop bag can be your one-stop solution for packing everything.

6.       Drop Kit

Basically, it is a portable case made for carrying toiletry items. Wherever you travel, you need to carry items like toothbrush, soap, shampoo, aloe vera gel, sunscreen, hand sanitizer. Just throw the case in your backpack and you will get the benefit later.

7.      Bags with Spinner Wheel

Hard side bags generally made of polycarbonate. This type of bag is popular for its rigidness and durability. Even you can sit on it when waiting on roads. The spinner wheel makes this bag easy to slide on the road and other areas. The only disadvantage is, like other soft bags hard side bags are not so flexible and the average size is also bigger than other types of bags.

According to your requirement choose your preferred bag and be ready for your trip.

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