7 Ways A Website Design Impacts SEO by American Web Coders


Today, almost every brand has a business website. Businesses that lack websites are considered backward. In this digitized era, having a website has become crucial. An effective website design plays a crucial role in enhancing a business’s online presence and visibility.

But did you know that a website design has a significant role in determining the ranking of the business on the search engine? Now that you know this, you need to make sure that your business website is designed considering the latest SEO practices. The blog will discuss elements gathered by American Web Coders that help with SEO.

7 Website Design Elements that Impact SEO

A well-designed website supports SEO, whereas a poorly designed website hurts the site’s ranking. Following are the 7 website design elements that affect SEO:

1. Fast Loading Time

Studies suggest that more than 40% of the site visitors leave the website without taking action if it takes over 3 seconds to load. Therefore, in order to make your audience stay longer on your site, you need to ensure that your website loads quickly and properly within 3 seconds. It is a turning point for any website as it determines the fate of the conversions. According to the Google algorithm, the website’s loading speed is one of the most important factors that is responsible for the site’s ranking. The faster your web page loads, the lower the bounce rate.

2. Responsiveness

A responsive website is one that maintains its functionality across different devices and screen sizes. It plays an important role in ranking the website. More than half of the online searches use mobile phones for searching purposes. Therefore, it is crucial for websites to be mobile phone responsive. This will improve the search ranking leading to enhanced conversion rate and revenues.

3. Quality Visuals

The dwell time, which is also known as the on-site time, contributes significantly in ranking your site. The more the user stays on your site and engages with the content, the better the search rank will be. A good website design that has excellent quality visuals helps the brand build a relationship of trust with the visitors leading to improved brand credibility. It keeps the audience hitched and makes them stay for a longer duration on your website.

4. Navigation

One of the most important factors that affect the SEO ranking of any website is easy to navigate. Easy navigation not only helps with the SEO rankings but also ensures a positive user experience. A website that is easy to navigate makes it easier for visitors to search for the information they need. Search Engine crawling bots also use the navigation index to make your pages available in the search results through indexing.

5. Media

Adding media such as images and videos to the site enhances the user experience and the on-site time. But make sure that the videos and images you add are not too heavy. Heavy media elements slow down the loading speed of the page. Always optimize the images and videos for search engines to garner more traffic. All this collectively will increase the conversions by affecting search ranking.

6. Readability

Make sure that the text on your website is easy to read. The font size and the color must be taken care of to make it easier for the visitor to comprehend. Choose font colors according to the background color to ensure visibility.

7. Programming Language

The programming of the website plays an important role in site crawling. Languages such as Flas and JavaScript are complex for search engine crawlers. Hence, the use of these languages limits the visibility of the site. Try to limit the use of these languages.

Final Words

Just like the website design affects the user experience, it also affects the search engine ranking. The design of the site is directly proportional to the site’s SEO performance. The elements discussed above will help your site rank higher on the search ranks.

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