7 ways for you to Watch Movies Online with Friends and Family

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My family has the norm to watch movies throughout the holiday season. If the TV isn’t playing and something we’ve watched many times doesn’t show it’s not even worth enjoying. It doesn’t matter if it’s giving presents away to A Christmas Story or chowing down on turkey at Planes, Trains and Automobiles the films are an integral part of the festivities. It’s sometimes difficult to meet up, and during 2020’s holiday season it was a good reason to not get together. But that doesn’t mean that those customs have to go away. Even today, when travelers have begun to travel again There will be occasions when it is not possible for everyone to gather. The majority of streaming services and a lot of apps online allow you to watch films with your family and friends even when socially distancing and keeping in a safe environment.

1. Netflix:

Teleparty Chrome Extension, also known as Teleparty Chrome Extension, formerly called Netflix Party (which requires everyone to have a Netflix account) It is simple to use. It’s simple to add into your web browser. After that, you’ll need to go to Netflix and select a movie. This is the toughest portion of the process. After that, press the “NP” option to shut down the extension. The link lets you watch the film along with an additional sidebar chat that is like YouTube streaming live. The site isn’t limited to Netflix. It also boasts compatibility in conjunction with Hulu, Disney+, and HBO.

2. Hulu:

Hulu offers its own way for viewers to stream from a distance. It’s known as Hulu Watch Party. It’s available to Hulu (No advertisements) as well as Hulu (and Live TV) users. Everyone who wants to view has to possess an account (not the account) with one of the more expensive subscriptions. Shared accounts permit subscribers to share their accounts with others, provided that each user has a separate profile. To achieve this you need to hit on the Party symbol on the movie’s details page and then share the link. Then you will receive the synced film as well in the chat text.

3. Disney+:

Teleparty might not be functioning for your Disney+. GroupWatch is a different option provided from House of Mouse. House of Mouse streamer. There is no chat with text but you can utilize the emoji response

S. This is one of the downsides to Teleparty. The GroupWatch icon is in the Details page of your Disney film. You can invite your family members and your friends. Four streams are available for each account, and up to seven viewers.

4. Free Tube Spots:

Free Tube Spots is a free service. Tube Spots is a website that acts as an engine to search for videos. It allows you to locate any video online. The site has gathered videos from various internet sources and uploaded them on the site. It has a high number of 113k or higher from organic users. It has a 194k Alexa Rank.

5. Amazon Prime:

Amazon also offers their own Watch Party feature. You can click on the Watch Party icon right next to the Watchlist button, select an account name and begin chatting via text. If you’re subscribed to Prime subscriptions and you want to get an invitation to send to up to 100 of your friends. It works for all browsers, with the exception of Safari.

6. Scener:

Now we move to applications that aren’t specifically targeted for streamers. They offer more advanced features however they require more effort. Scener is a different Chrome extension available for free. The users must have an account on the streaming service they prefer or choose a site that is free. There are numerous supported websites that include Netflix, Hulu Max, Hulu Prime, Amazon Prime, YouTube and Funimation. Video chat is also possible for at least 10 “hosts” with the extension. Another advantage of Scener is the capacity to allow users to watch even if they’re limited to text-only chat. That makes it a preferred option for streamers and large groups.

7. Metastream:

A Firefox/Chrome plugin that offers similar capabilities similar to Scener however, it only supports text chat. Metastream is designed best for those who are technologically savvy. It could be a good option when you’re the person who repairs your parents computers or their internet connection. The host handles invites, lets people join and also adds media streams through a URL. The queue is a great feature that lets you make a playlist that is long enough for watching in the background.

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