A 7-Step Guide for Introducing Adult Toys into Your Relationship


Having adult toys in your relationship can be extremely beneficial. While it will help you to know your body even better, it will also break the monotony of your regular intimate hours and help you get to spice things up. But introducing the toys in a relationship can be tricky.

Conversation of Adult Toys for Women and Men

The preconceived notion about toys is that it is a replacement for your partner in bed. But this is wrong. It can find its place of pride in your bedroom with the two of you together. This is a perfect way to add the perfect kink to your relationship and perhaps perform even better for satisfying each other. But the conversation about adult toys for women and men might need a serious guide. So, in the following points, you will get to learn how slowly and steadily you can introduce adult toys in your intimate hours. Take a look.

Test the Water First

The first thing that you need to do is test the water. No matter whether you are long time partner or going out for just a short time, you might not know if the other person is comfortable with it or not. So, get some light hearted reference and test the water. For example, mention a book or a movie where you both have seen toys. Ask him or her whether they would try something like that or not. Keep the conversation light hearted and if they seem to be interested, take it from there.

Give Some Reassurance

If your partner is skeptical about using adult toys for men and women, try to reassure them. They might think that they are inadequate in bed and that is why you are trying to replace them. It is your job to reassure and comfort them so that they understand that actually the toys might enhance their and your satisfaction.

Do Go for Something Huge and Complicated First

You might have a fantasy of using an 11 inches dildo on your partner or having them peg you with. But going for that in the first place is not a good idea. Try to take it up a notch little and bring in couple kits in your bedroom. Any reputed online adult toy store can offer you these kits. With them, you can get toys that are not huge or complicated. You and your partner can comfortably start to have a good time with these.

Don’t Introduce Without Warning

No matter how great it would be you think, don’t introduce a toy right in the middle of your intimate hours. It will surely backfire. Your partner might feel awkward or even bothered with the toy while they are in the ecstasy of the closeness you share with them. Having proper warning is necessary.

Shop Together

You can buy adult toys online from stores like GVSX LLC. So, when online purchasing is an option, don’t waste it. Find the toys together. If they are comfortable and agreed to use toys in your bedroom, then shop together. Find out what they are comfortable with or what they are not sure about. For example, your partner is maybe okay about using vibrators and you are planning to go for bondage. To avoid this situation, browse together and buy. You both can ask each other what you would like to do with the toy. That will increase the anticipation for both of you.

Respect Other’s Decision

Whatever your partner decides, respect the decision. If they want to try the less intense ones first and then move to bigger toys, respect that. If they don’t want to use bondage, respect that. The ultimate aim for both of you is to have fun. And for that, respecting the boundaries is important.

So, now as you know how you can introduce toys in your relationship, what are you waiting for? Follow these tips and enjoy passion filled intimate hours with your partner. 

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