A Brief History of Skateboarding and Caps

A Brief History of Skateboarding and Caps

Skaters enjoy wearing Flexfit caps because they look wonderful and are very practical, but how did it all begin?

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Skateboarding caps have been around since the 1940s. They were originally used by Californian surfers who wanted to be active when the sea was too rough to surf.

In 1976, California was experiencing a severe drought, and homeowners were forced to drain their swimming pools. Skaters who loved to skate decided to turn these vacant swimming pools into miniature skate parks. Then, concrete skate parks were built to meet the demand for more skaters.

Skateboarding became a more well-known sport after amateurs and professional skateboarders started competing in events and receiving sponsorship deals.

Skaters in the 1980s went beyond skate parks and began skating down quiet roads. They utilized street furniture such as rails, walls, and stairs to execute spins and tricks.

Skate clothing

Skaters care a great deal about their clothing. Skating in most athletic apparel is fine, but skaters want more fashionable and distinctive garb. They enjoy streetwear – loose clothing inspired by sportswear that allows them to move freely and display distinct designs and logos on it.

Skaters choose the baseball cap style of hat for a variety of reasons. Skateboarder’s favour wearing crash helmets, which are more useful for a sport where falls are frequent, but many skaters prefer wearing the Flexfit snapback cap.

The back of the cap is fitted with a snapback, which shields the face from the sun’s rays. Sweatbands keep the head cool and dry. They’re a great way to stay cool while skating around all day long.

Skateboarding has gone global, with skaters spotted in every nation. Flexfit Snapbacks are worn by skateboarders all over the world, regardless of where they reside. Blank Flexfit caps are worn by some skaters, while most prefer to wear custom caps with a logo or snappy phrase embroidered on them.

Skateboarders prefer to shop at specialized skateboard stores that sell clothing designed for skateboarding, as well as other speciality stores like “one-of-a-kind” boutiques and hipster shops. These merchants sell personalized Flexfit Snapback hats with the names and logos of board manufacturers and other brands that are aimed at the skate community

At Flexfit, they create caps that skaters enjoy wearing when skating and continue to wear after hanging out with their skateboarding friends. Check out their website to find out more.

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