A Guide to Import Japanese Cars to Mongolia

Japanese Cars to Mongolia

Now no one can stop you when you decide to import Japanese cars to Mongolia. Yes, you are right when you think that it is very easy to do this. Mongolia imports many vehicles every year. But some people may not be aware of every detail. But mostly, it’s a smooth and hassle-free process if you have the right information. The deal may be easier if individuals consider hiring an agency for the following purposes 

1 – Get the right cars for Mongolia

If you notice, small hatchbacks have become widely popular here due to their smaller engine, which requires fewer taxes and charges. The prices of used cars will increase in and after the lockdown. According to most used Japanese car dealers, those increased taxes will go directly to the consumers.

 Instead of delaying any car-buying decision, you can take advantage of the best prices and buy one now. a competent agency will help you walk through the entire process in 

a hassle-free manner.

2 – Get all the paperwork done

When importing used cars from Japan, you need to have a streamlined process for de-registration and export to Japan. What you need is a libel agency that can efficiently handle everything for you.

Your export certificate of origin, along with books, spare keys and other items received from the seller, will be sent to you by a top-rate courier service and a tracking number provided. Your vehicle will be booked for shipping on the first available onboard.

3 – Best Shipping Policies

In the case of importing cars, you need reliable shipping at competitive rates for delivery, especially when transporting your car to Mongolia. 

In the current scenario, this also includes sanitization, pre-cleaning, and other strict measures for exports from Japan and customs clearance on arrival. 

An expert and well-informed agency will always use the most reliable and cost-effective services for an easy, hassle-free process.

4 – Get the correct size of the vehicle

When selecting a vehicle for import into Mongolia, the size should be considered in advance. Vehicles under 1500 cc have the least duty, 1501 to 2500 have the second-lowest, and hence the duty increases with capacity. Even a slight increase of displacement can cause vehicle excise duty to fall in the second range, leading to more money. 

Connect with a professional agency. They can guide you on the vehicle size to determine excise duty in Mongolia.

5 – Consider the age of the vehicle

Most Japanese cars are rarely use. Often, the oldest car will be offer the low price in the market. But care should be taken while buying a vehicle. Sometimes, in many cases, the excise duty will be more than the cost of the vehicle. 

In Mongolia, the old vehicle will have a higher duty, although the safe limit is three years, while the import duty is closer to that of a new vehicle import. Selecting a vehicle that is economical but charges less is a challenge. Connect with a trusted agent to help you choose the right vehicle according to your needs in Mongolia.

6 – Receive auction coverage and personal inspections

A reputable agency will arrange every detail for you. It may include representing you in an auction to get the right car for your needs. Auction agents physically participate in all major Japanese auctions and personally inspect each vehicle.

They can also provide more photos and descriptions on auction day. And their expert staff also inspects the chosen vehicle so that what you get is a really good and efficient car. They also conduct test drives on your behalf. 

7 – Using an agent

If you choose to purchase your used Japanese vehicle through an agent, you benefit from the service. Your vehicle comes to you with all the correct and honest details. Your authorized agent will do all the work on your behalf, so what you get is the best deal on wheels. 

Even though the traffic is on the right side of the road, Mongolia is a mix of right-hand and left-hand drive cars. The high quality, low mileage and technological progress of Japanese cars seem to be a priority.


Top models in the used Honda and Toyota are popular and have started appearing in Mongolia. The market share is higher due to beneficial factors.

Now import used cars from Japan to Mongolia and enjoy! And of course, the drivers are also happy with the savings.

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