AestheticsPro EMR vs Allscripts EMR: What to Expect?

AestheticsPro EMR vs Allscripts EMR: What to Expect?

Several EMRs (electronic medical records) have recently gained popularity in healthcare. When it comes to managing clinical administration, EMRs can help. This AestheticsPro EMR vs Allscripts EMR software comparison will go through the pros and cons of each. You will learn about their features and pricing options. It will also help you access the demos of AestheticsPro and Allscripts EMR. 

AestheticsPro EMR is a medical spa administration software system that provides a HIPAA-compliant platform. Physicians can use it for medical aesthetic enterprises to handle electronic medical data. It offers over 500 configurable forms in the E-Record library and over 40 reports. You can run your business while also providing online booking and a client portal to your clients. 

Allscripts EMR Electronic Health Records (EHR), an open platform, collects all relevant data sources. That is, to build a connected and open health community. The system wants clinics to spend less time on basic administrative tasks. Besides, they will spend more time on their principal services. The program supports clinics in streamlining their administrative tasks. It supports e-prescribing and enhanced processes. 

AestheticsPro EMR Software:

The following are some of the AestheticsPro features: 

Key Features 


Data protection is prioritized by AestheticsPro software. Only the personnel you approve have access to your records. Your data will be securely kept at the point of input because of the use of 128-bit encryption for all electronic transactions. AestheticsPro keeps your company data safe and secure. 


Allscripts EMR is the premier platform for clinical, operational, financial, and wellness solutions. It is intended for small to medium-sized medical practices and ACOs, PCMHs, and FQHCs. It promotes better patient care, more efficient operations, and more effective revenue cycle management. This EHR is a user-friendly, adaptable system created and built by physicians. 

Electronic Prescription:

Its e-prescribing capability allows medical professionals to communicate prescription data to pharmacies electronically. Doctors may eliminate mistakes, increase efficiency, and prescribe drugs to their patients. AestheticsPro’s electronic prescription feature is compatible with all devices. The cloud-based system is safe as well as HIPAA-compliant. 

Calendar Management:

AestheticsPro’s infinite calendars enable customers to manage client appointments and staff schedules. AestheticsPro EMR allows users to plan automated email confirmations and manage staff hours. It helps them improve scheduling activities further. AestheticsPro’s point-of-sale (POS) and merchant services functionality allow customers to accept payments. They can also manage invoice clients, auto-billed subscriptions, and client and employee administration. 


All your e-records are a click away with the AestheticsPro software’s collection of electronic medical forms. Choose the e-records that your company needs to request access. They will be automatically available for any new chart you generate. You will have complete access to client or patient papers. You can also manage images from your client information panel. The panel lets you enter, change, or review their information in real-time. 

AestheticsPro EMR Pricing:

The cost of AestheticsPro software is customized for every practice based on the size and scalability requirements. You can request a bespoke quote by contacting the AestheticsPro sales team. 

AestheticsPro Demo:

The AestheticsPro EMR demo shows the software in action so you can see what it offers before you buy the subscription. The demo shows the software in live action so that you can judge it from various angles. 

AestheticsPro Reviews:

The AestheticsPro software is rated 4.3/5 on GetApp and 4.5/5 on SoftwareAdvice. 

According to users, the AestheticPro software is “great for spas.” 

AestheticsPro makes “daily transactions simple.” 

There are some glitches in the AestheticsPro system.  

Allscripts EMR Software:

Let’s take a look at some of the Allscripts features: 

Key Features 

Data Management:

The easy and customizable interface lets users oversee their company’s financial health. The system’s at-a-glance view function also assists physicians in more successfully managing their practices. Users may keep track of a variety of data, including lab results. As well as visits and therapies, owing to improved procedures and daily planning tools, everything is on one screen. Professional EHR Mobile is an Allscripts solution that provides quick access to vital information. This, too, may be done anywhere, including faraway ones. 

Maternity Care:

The Allscripts Prenatal is a cloud-based solution that provides robust communication and documentation features for maternity care. It is another function provided by TouchWorks. TouchWorks and Allscripts Clinical Quality Solution (CQS) provide clinical decision support and quality management solutions as well. 

Improved Patient Engagement:

“FollowMyHealth” is an enterprise patient engagement system that is mobile first. It supports physicians, hospitals, and healthcare systems to ensure healthy patient populations. It is a customizable patient interaction tool that assists clinics in adapting to the changing healthcare landscape. This Allscripts technology enables relevant and timely interactions. It improves patients’ participation in their own treatment plans. 

Allscripts Pricing:

The software’s pricing information is not available on the company’s website. Pricing for the software can be customized. Interested users can always contact the seller. This allows them to become acquainted with the pricing system. 

Allscripts Demo: 

The app provides a free demo that may be arranged at any time. You may become acquainted with the tool by watching a demo. It’s almost like a software teaser. It aids in learning the functionality. Schedule a demo today to discover everything there is to know about Allscripts EHR. 

Allscripts Reviews: 

According to Allscripts EMR assessments, “it provides very seamless charting.” 

One of the reasons it is popular with users is because “it gives categories for everything.” 

Allscripts EMR requires only a small amount of training to get started. 

Some people believe Allscripts’ customer service is unresponsive. 

Final Remarks:

Aesthetics Pro is a one-stop shop for aesthetics professionals. Users may boost lead creation by using the platform’s built-in email marketing package. Furthermore, the program has various tools that track real-time performance. They help users streamline their office operations. 

Allscripts has been serving a wide range of healthcare enterprises of varying sizes worldwide for decades. It includes several tools and operations for managing administrative and clerical work. It aids in the simplification of a facility’s daily operations. 

When choosing between AestheticPro EMR and Allscripts software, you should examine their features. To make an informed selection, you can also watch their respective demos.

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