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Canadians love home décor, so window coverings. As window coverings are one of the backbones of home décor. Ignoring window coverings, especially window blinds is not a good idea at all.

Window blinds are the modern side of window coverings, but they are among the oldest window coverings. Window blinds like roman blinds and Venetian blinds rooted decades ago.

With time there are many new types of window blinds are introduced to the world and many are redesigned to fit in with the modern era.

Window Blinds have two sides, one is affordable and the other is obviously an expensive one. The affordable is not an ordinary side, many cheap window blinds can even outclass any major window blinds like Venetian blinds.

The price tag of window blinds may vary from country to country but the difference is not much. So, which are the affordable window blinds in Canada?

Faux Wood Blinds

They can likely be a good alternative to wood blinds. As wood blinds are the expensive side of window blinds and so faux wood blinds are the cheap side of window blinds.

Faux wood blinds are made exactly like wood blinds but they aren’t wood based. Rather they are faux wood, which is a synthetic material. Made from synthetic materials like PVC and vinyl, and even from polyester.

Faux wood blinds just don’t have the looks of wood blinds but importantly functionality is also the same. But somehow faux wood blinds can be more valuable than wood blinds, in some specific conditions only.

As wood blinds are the most luxurious types in the world and logically they are hard to match. Synthetic materials-based window blinds like faux wood blinds are no way near the class of wood blinds.

But can faux wood blinds be a more reliable option in Canada?

Well because they are synthetic and so they are waterproof and can resist moisture and humidity very well. While wood blinds, even being luxurious can not resist moisture and can get damaged badly in these conditions.

Faux wood blinds can be reliable, long-lasting window blinds in places like bathrooms and kitchens, but it is recommended to avoid wood blinds in there.

And hence, faux wood blinds can be good in all of your rooms in Canada. And can be well long-lasting window blinds without even fading away.

There are some safety precautions for faux wood blinds that must be known. Faux wood is a synthetic material so it can warp in extreme heat conditions, so, make sure not to place them anywhere in those conditions.

Roller Blinds

They are already the supreme ones in Canada, as well as in the world. Loved and so very well-reputed window blinds. Backed with simplicity and that’s why can sync with modern-day interior design.

Like faux wood blinds, roller blinds are also the cheap side of window blinds but are capable enough to outshine any major window blinds in the lineup.

Just because roller blinds are synthetic materials-based blinds, that’s why they are on the cheap side, not because they are just time-pass window blinds.

Roller blinds are also well-different window blinds. Not have the standard window blind design. Rather than the standard slats functionality, roller blinds have an up-and-down functionality.

Because there are no slats but just a single panel that is fabric-based. It is attached to a tube at the top, around which it can roll up and down.

Roller blinds are not just an affordable option for Canada but importantly an ideal window covering solution because of one standalone reason.

The reason, Canada has detached houses as normal and those house designs normally have tall windows, that’s why roller blinds are ideal.

Roller blinds didn’t just look good on tall windows but importantly roller blinds cover them so well that they make them capable to provide enhanced light and privacy control functionality, even with such minimal functionality.

Zebra Window Blinds

They are a pro or better to say an upgraded version of roller blinds. Rightfully more mature than roller blinds. Works on the same core up-and-down functionality.

But there is a twist. Unlike roller blinds, zebra blinds have two panels rather than one. And the panels have something on it that makes them capable to been called zebra blinds.

As I said, zebra blinds have two panels, back and forth. Both of these panels have alternate solid and sheer stripes, from the top to the bottom.

Solid stripes are normally bigger in width than sheer ones. So, as the blind start to function, no matter up or down. The front panel’s stripes overlap the backend layer stripes, rolling from the bottom tube or bar.

Because the panel at the front is in a continuous loop, which makes the front layer’s stripes move vertically and so overlap.

This overlapping you can adjust with either cord or zebra blinds can even be cordless too.

Zebra blinds offer you the best light and privacy control functionality in Canada, and as roller blinds, zebra blinds are too ideal for tall windows that Canadians have normally.

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