All you need to know about your Cafe Racer Leather Jackets

cafe racer leather jackets

Cafe racer leather jackets are quite lightweight and minimalistic, for you to enjoy a comfortable bike ride. The top-grain leather gives the cafe racer jackets their high quality. The high-quality leather jackets become more charismatic as time passes.

Cafe racer leather jackets give you a masculine and the ultimate versatile look. You eventually give off cool boy vibes and create a dazzling aura. They are perfect for the ones who want to slay in their fashion statement and protect themselves during a ride on a motorcycle.

As the name suggests, Cafe racer leather jackets are suitable for high-speed riding, but still not only made for it. You can also wear it to style up your outfit when going to a party. There you will find people looking around to watch your coolness.

Furthermore, they will keep you comfortable because of the soft, flexible, and simple fabric. Do you know how these great jackets become popular in the fashion world? They have a unique history running behind them. Let me tell you.

History Behind Cafe Racer Leather Jackets

Cafe racer leather jacket has its origin in England. When the military soldiers returned home after World War II, they would have fun racing motorcycles at high speeds between cafes and bistros. Due to high speeds, they needed a simple protective outer covering without any intricate detailing to ride proficiently. This is how Cafe racer leather jackets came into being.

Earlier, they were made up of horsehide with a tough central zipper to provide extra protection to motorcyclists. Later, Schott Brothers invented their “Leather Racing Shirts” having a particular style. Although they are not in demand now, still modern-day racer jackets are having designs inspired by them. They have a decent and unique style. Let’s discuss the unique style of the cafe racers.

What’s So Special About A Cafe Racer Leather Jacket?

Cafe racer leather jackets have a very simple and plain design. The reason behind this is to reduce hindrances while riding. Let’s have a look at the features of the cafe racer.

The collar – Cafe racer jackets have a small snap collar, and sometimes the collar is totally absent. Otherwise, the wind will cause the collar to fly in the air and disturb you.

The pockets – The cafe racer jackets have two zipper chest pockets or two usual pockets at the abdomen area, and sometimes they are absent. Usually, pockets are thin and they have a zipper too so that wind cannot pass through the jacket while riding.

The zipper – The zipper in the Cafe racer leather jacket is a top-quality one so that it does not keep getting lose all the time.

No frills – The cafe racers do not have any added buttons in them to prevent them from having extra weight. They are the simplest out of other types of leather jackets as their beauty lies in simplicity.

Pair Up Cafe Racer Leather Jacket With Your Outfit

Leather jackets have great importance in the fashion world due to the class they add to their wearer. They are the most elegant piece of clothing in your wardrobe. When you wear them, you find yourself having attractive looks and a decent personality. Your cafe racer will pair up well no matter any outfit you wear, or anywhere you go. You’ll slay. Here are some ideas for you to style your jacket with different outfits for different places or events.

For A Long Ride

If you’re planning to go and enjoy a long ride, your outfit should be according to the atmospheric conditions outside. The second most important thing is that during the ride, keep your jacket’s zipper close to avoid disturbance. So without wasting any more time, take any random T-shirt out of your closet if it is bright sunny out there or a high-neck shirt in case of cold weather.

Next, pair up nice denim jeans with any of them. Now wear your brown leather cafe racer jacket above to complete your outfit and give yourself a handsome look. Add further accessories to your outfit like a pair of sunglasses if you are going out during the daytime and lastly get your feet into a nice pair of sneakers and you are perfectly ready to go out for your adventure.

Outfit to slay on a casual day

Even though, cafe racer jackets possess this name but they are not totally confined to the people who own and ride a motorcycle. You can wear them just to style yourself up too. They are really comfortable for a casual day. You can wear them to lunch with colleagues, a day out with friends, or even at work. They will keep you relaxed and glam you up.

To get ready, select a pair of brown pants so that you can combine them with a brown leather cafe racer jacket and a white dress shirt beneath it. Wear any footwear of your choice and you are ready.

Stylish Outfit for Leather Weather

The fall and winter seasons are made for us to wear leather jackets due to the fact that leather acts as a shield for us because it protects us from harsh weather. Secondly, high-quality leather plays an important role in stopping our body heat from escaping to keep us warm. To prepare your winter outfit, select a turtleneck shirt or sweatshirt with sweatpants. Then pick a black or brown leather cafe racer jacket so that you are prevented from cold. Don’t really get confined to these clothes, do pair up other clothes too. For instance, high-neck shirts are a great option in winter. This way, your winter outfit is ready. You can wear it anywhere with versatility in your personality and boldness in your attitude. Your winter will pass with a classic fashion statement.

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