Are Gift Cards Taxable?

Are Gift Cards Taxable?

According to the IRS – internal revenue service of the federal bureau investigation gift cards is taxable. The reason behind this is that they are equivalent to cash, so regardless of their value they are considered taxable.

Technically, if you don’t know, the federal governments have rules for the employees’ gifts and benefits which majorly includes the gift cards. They always count these cards in fringe benefits list to an employee which are given apart from regular wages. And fringe benefits always subjected to the federal taxes.

There are two ways you might be subjected to pay tax on your gift cards, and here these are:

  • First one is the percentage method. In which, you have to pay a specific amount ratio of total card amount as a tax to the government.
  • The second method is found to be the aggregate method. In this type of tax paying method to the gift cards the regular wages, and withhold taxes are combined. Then, tax will be charged on this.

Pay attention – you can use gift card amounts to pay all of your taxes without any hassle. As paying taxes with cards is legal among the government rules.

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Final Thoughts

We share gift cards are taxable in the above article with proper references and government instructions. Plus, we also mentioned an authorized source which is offering gift card to Naira opportunities and direct bank transfers to your local currency.

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