Benefits of a Horse Rug

Horse Rug

A horse rug is a protective blanket worn by horses in a variety of circumstances. It covers the horse’s body in general and is frequently tied around the underside. Horse rugs serve a variety of purposes, including trying to keep the horse warm during cold weather. They can also be used on hot summer days.

Horse carpets come in a variety of styles and colours. A few of these rugs cover the whole body, including the neck, while others only cover the major flank. There are also brightly coloured or fluorescent rugs available to assist owners in finding or identifying their horses, particularly at night.

Aside from the advantages listed above, there are other advantages to purchasing a horse rug. The following are five of them, which will be discussed in this article:

Protect the Horse from Debris or Dirt

A horse rug can protect the horse’s mane while also keeping it as tidy as possible. These animals like playing and frequently get into fights, exposing themselves to filth or mud. Naturally, a great deal of dirt would adhere to their coat. If you wish to avoid this, you can use a horse rug.

Helps Maintain a Short Coat 

Nature has its own defence mechanisms. Horses, for example, develop their coats faster before the arrival of winter. What evidence do they have that this is true? Based on the extent of the day, their hair would grow faster. Because the days are short before winter, the horse’s mane grows more quickly. They will be able to keep their body warmer when winter arrives.

However, if you want your horses to have a short mane, a horse rug could help. You can use a light horse rug to keep their coat from starting to grow on its own during the cooler months. Some breeders even put their horse’s underneath lights at night to fool their biological clocks into thinking the days are longer. This method slows down the growth of the coat even more.

Insect Protection

During the summertime, midges and flies can be a nuisance. These insects are attracted to warm conditions, and horses can become inflamed and swollen after being bitten. Your horse’s skin might become infected during chilly or rainy months. A horse rug is a good alternative for providing them with protection.

As previously stated, there are numerous types of horse rugs like caribu horse rugs. If you want to use these as a bug repellent, you should look into the following: 

  • Cotton Horse Rug – So because material is difficult for pests to penetrate, it provides complete coverage for your horse.
  • Mesh Horse Rug — This rug allows for more airflow while also acting as a sound barrier to keep annoying insects at bay. If itching is a problem, you should look for a carpeting that can withstand repeated scratching. A sturdy mesh rug is frequently the perfect compromise for most horses

Minimize Feeding

Horses require more food in cooler temperatures to generate the body heat they require to stay warm. Using a warm rug to cover your horses can help save money on feed. Purchasing in a heavyweight horse rug will keep your horse warm and help you save money on feed during the colder months.

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