Black Contact Lenses and Their Types

black contact lenses

People generally believe that black eye colour is very common, and every second person, specifically in Asia, has them.

But the truth is this is a misconception, and black eyes are not as common as we think they are. In fact, researchers conclude that it is the rarest eye colour!

Yes, only a few people on earth have pitch-black eyes. But do you ever wonder what it is that makes us think that so many people actually have black eyes?

Well, it’s the high production of melanin in some people that gives their eyes a black appearance, whereas they are not so black in reality. Also, the lighting and other factors also contribute to how your eyes may look.

Well, now, if you are disappointed after knowing this and want to have eyes that actually look black, here is something you can do.

You can purchase a pair of black contact lenses and attain the rarest eye colour on earth. So what if you actually don’t have them?

No power can stop you from having what you want. Ah, well, of course, if you have the money to back your wishes. But again, contact lenses wouldn’t cost you so much.

Another undeniably great thing about contact lenses is that they are actually worth the money. You can reuse them so many times.

Do you wish to wear them all year long? Great, because online stores have too many options of coloured contact lenses with lifelines longer than a year.

Also, if you want to spend less and wear your black contact lenses a few times only that too in a single month, then again, you can find contact lenses with an expiry date within a month.

Note that mainly expiry dates on lenses apply from the day you open the seal. But still, if you want to be on the safe side, check the expiry date on the packaging before making a purchase and discard them within the time frame mentioned. 

You also might be wondering that all contact lenses are the same, and if you need a pair of black contact lenses, all you need to do is shop online or visit a store.

But that’s not how it actually works. Contact lenses come in so many shapes and sizes, and oh well, the shades; there are so many variations in a single thing. So, if you are planning on buying black contact lenses, have you decided which ones you actually want? Well, maybe not because you didn’t think it was a thing. So, keep on reading to discover which type of black contact lenses you need and when you can wear them.

Standard black contact lenses

Standard black contact lenses are usually the lenses that look totally natural; they typically have a diameter of 13-14mm. If someone plans on buying lenses for everyday use, this is the ideal size.

You can easily wear them for long days and feel comfortable yet natural in them. It won’t change much about you except for the eye colour, of course.

So, feel bold and confident in black contact lenses and wear them wherever and whenever you want! This is the type of black contact lens that you can never regret wearing.

Blackout contact lenses

Blackout contact lenses are literally my favourite! I love wearing them whenever I want to create a spooky look. They are all black; sometimes, the inner part is a little lighter in appearance as compared to the outside one. But they are thrilling! You should wear them if you plan on scaring someone or putting on makeup to transform yourself into an alien or a ghost.

Black sclera contact lenses

You can never miss out on sclera contact lenses when talking about lenses, especially in the shade black.

Sclera contact lenses make you feel the most comfortable as they are super gentle to the eyes, and wearing them for long hours won’t hurt you at all. They give you complete coverage with no light or white spots.

Also, don’t ever worry about not being able to see through them because they are cosmetic lenses and have nothing to do with your vision.

Talking about black sclera contact lenses, you need to know they come in so many sizes, starting from 13-15mm; they only cover your eyeballs.

Whereas the 17mm contact lenses cover more than half of your eye, giving you a really freaky look. Last but not least, 22mm black sclera contact lenses; cover your entire eye giving off the freakiest vibe ever!

I’m just so in love with 22mm sclera contact lenses regardless of the colour.

Black Halloween contact lenses

You’ll be a fool if you forget black contact lenses this Halloween. They give you a chance to create so many spooky looks and recreate the looks of zombies, aliens, ghosts, dead dolls and whatnot. So, just remember to purchase a pair of black Halloween contact lenses and try out something thrilling with it this Halloween.

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