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As the interest for cryptocurrency grows, we thought it’s hightime for talking about how to buy more Bitcoin while saving on costs.

Getting Started

As Bitcoin has grown its popularity in the modern world, the possibilities for purchasing it have become considerably more straightforward. Though this is advantageous for first-time purchasers, it may result in higher transaction fees. So, if your goals extend beyond occasional transactions, it’s worth learning how much it takes to purchase cryptocurrencies.

How Businesses Adapt For Users’ Needs?

Consumers value time-saving ease and are willing to pay a little extra for it, thus the most successful internet businesses simplify complexities to just a few easy clicks.

This is applicable for buying and trading cryptocurrency, which is gaining popularity among users. The most common methods for purchasing Bitcoin, for example, simplify what might be a complicated procedure into a few easy clicks. It just occurs that this comes at a larger cost, but because the numbers involved are little and the process going on in the backend is difficult to understand, consumers are content to pay and go on. They can also sell Bitcoin in Dubai with the same ease, just paying a small amount for it in exchange.

Suppose you just wish to purchase €100/$100 in Bitcoin. We can prioritize the options based on their simplicity of use.

Using A Specific Payment Platform

The simplest approach to purchase that much Bitcoin will be via some payment app that already has the option enabled on your phone. Popular payment and trading applications have already included the feature, and many more are on their way.

Because you won’t have to link a source of cash, including your bank account, bank card, or electronic wallet, the transaction may be done in only a few clicks. You can pay, let’s say, €100 to obtain a given quantity of Bitcoin while requiring no specialized skills.

This is certainly enticing to novice investors, but ease comes at a cost:

  • You will almost certainly be charged excessive transaction costs.
  • You will not receive the best Bitcoin price attainable.
  • Because the software is under custody, you will have little influence over the Bitcoin you purchased.
  • You may be unable to withdraw your Bitcoin and will have to resell it using the app, incurring large transaction costs once more.

Finally, you wind up paying greater transaction costs and receiving a poorer bargain on pricing. The same probably applies for any number of mediators via whom you may purchase Bitcoin or other digital currencies.

Such organizations provide what is known as a value-added service and frequently take advantage of the chance to bill you more than the place they are actually purchasing it. So, where do they get their Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The main aspect of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin is that there is no centralized entity behind them, such as a head office or personnel; they are decentralized.

In fact, because Bitcoin flows among members of its decentralized network, the only way to obtain it is from a person who already has it. That service is provided by cryptocurrency exchanges. They connect Bitcoin owners looking to sell with those looking to purchase.

Consider exchanges to be markets for various cryptocurrencies. For example, you can just make a straight-forward request to buy Bitcoin in Dubai without facing any difficulties.

Making Your Own Trade

When you purchase cryptocurrencies through an exchange, they are just arranging the trade between you and some other user who is trading. Then they charge you a fee for the service, which is determined by a proportion of the amount of the deal you are making.

The commission rate is not constant, but is usually on a sliding scale, lowering as the quantity you trade grows, because the purpose of exchanges is to produce greater trading volume than user volume.

On an exchange, you have significantly more influence over the transaction, which is a deal rather than a buy, which implies you are far more likely to purchase at a lower price.

To place a transaction on your own, you must first link a payment method to your exchange profile and fund it. Funding your account may incur costs in addition to transaction fees, based on the method utilized. Before you can accomplish any of this, you must first establish an account and verify it with evidence of identification.

Transfer Through Bank

In general, utilizing a bank transfer to deposit money with an exchange is the lowest alternative, which is typically free if you are not conducting an overseas transfer.

You only need to link your bank account to your bitcoin exchange account. The problem concerning bank transfers is that they aren’t always quick, can be more difficult to set up, and can be a headache if something goes wrong.

Customers moving greater sums favor bank transfers over people who buy cryptocurrency for the first time, who choose the route of low effort, which is usually using a card. Bank transfers, on the other hand, are often restricted to a maximum amount that may be sent and to a specified location.

Purchasing With A Credit Card On An Exchange

Exchanges have recognized that many newcomers are terrified of making a deal, which is why many give the option of exchanging your €100 for Bitcoin with a single click.

When you utilize a debit card, the entire purchase procedure is consolidated into one simple widget-style operation. You must enter your credit card information, declare the amount you are willing to spend to obtain a certain cryptocurrency, then click the “Purchase” button.

This provides the same customer experience as purchasing through an outside app, but it is somewhat less expensive because you are purchasing at the source.

It is likely to be more costly than arranging the trade personally yourself since you will pay a card charge for each transaction, and even if you are an exchange client, you may still be receiving a worse bargain on the purchase price because you are not going through the direct trading channel.

This is how the world’s major exchanges operate. They are especially developed for a simple user experience and operate as a transaction broker.

Considering Convenience And Costs

You can only truly comprehend the expenses of purchasing cryptocurrency after you understand the distinction among brokers and exchanges. When you buy through a streamlined broker-style method, the charges are mostly concealed, but the entire transaction is pleasant. In contrast, trading directly with an exchange is a more complex, cost-effective, and progressive procedure since it also offers you more influence over the Bitcoin you have purchased and causes you to think about how Bitcoin works.

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