Calculating Your Concrete Project

Contrary to what many people think, cement is not concrete. Rather, concrete is the product produced when cement is mixed with the other two material components: water and aggregates (rocks and sand).

Like in all things, each of these materials is priced differently and that is where the price of the produced concrete prices Brisbane materials is partly based on. As it is, there are other factors that are in the mix to come up with the prevailing price that construction people, houses and building owners finally pay from suppliers.


The prices for cement had been forecast to increase by a little over 3%, covering up from the weak price grown in 2020. After the pandemic went down (but not actually totally out) in most parts, many expected the current cement price to increase by around 2%. 

This price increase expectation was in 2021since cement was not in shortage and suppliers had increased their output and built inventories. While there were tight demands in some areas, there was lower demand in energy-producing regions and prices stayed flat for the year.

This year, demands were expected to take a while to recover, others are hopeful with other reasons to expect higher prices. One is the increasing energy prices. Others include the emphasis on environmentally-friendly cement and concrete.

Other reasons include the increased consumption of energy-related products that also brings the overall average price for cement and concrete higher.

Buying components 

There are multiple ways to buy the components for concrete – cement, sand, and aggregates. The amount for those will depend on the volume of your need for each material.

For small residential projects, there are pre-mixed 50-pound bags of concrete from your local home improvement store. For larger projects, call a ready-mix concrete delivery company which hauls up to 10 cubic yards at a time, which is enough to pour anything from a sidewalk to a driveway.

Volume estimates

Purchasing sand and aggregates to mix with your cement can be had once you have your sand and gravel shops listed (for price comparisons, mostly). The standard buys are done on a per volume term (per cubic yard).

You may note that cement foes not substantially add to the volume of the final mix, even with the addition of water. You may overcompensate accordingly, depending on the kind of consistency you want for your project.

The substantial materials whose volume you must calculate correctly are the combined volume of the sand and the aggregates with a minimal overcompensation for the added volume of water (per cubic yard). 

Take note that the prices for these items (cement, sand and aggregates) are all tagged on with transport fees. These fees are also variable depending on the distance between your place and the store site.) Some shops charge the number of trips of their trucks.

Delivery costs

When one orders concrete, cement trucks don’t actually drive from house to house making deliveries. If you are ordering pre-mixed, each order of concrete is mixed specifically according to the requirements of the job. 

Once the concrete is mixed, the driver has about 90 minutes, or 300 rotations of the truck’s barrel, to deliver that load before the cement starts to set.

Type of concrete delivery

It is important to choose the right type of concrete delivery whether you are a home owner or a contractor. The amount of the ordered concrete andthe distance the truck needs to travel will affect the final cost.

Choosing the right type of concrete delivery is vital whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor. The amount of concrete ordered and the distance the truck needs to travel will affect the final cost. 

There are two common types of concrete deliveries: ready-mix and short load.Residential contractors use short load for small to medium sized projects where the concrete is mixed on-site. The dry concrete usually fits in one truckload.

The read-mix concrete is mixed before delivery at some mixing plant. It is typically used by contractors for larger construction projects like drive ways or garage slabs.


Ask for the dispatch department (it sets up the new deliveries) when you call a concrete contractor. As long as you can provide the dimensions of your project and what you are pouring, they will be able to know exactly how much concrete you need, including the PSI mix you need.  

 Always be sure to order 5% to 10% more than you need and ask if you need any additives like reinforced fiber for your project.


When ordering concrete, the volume is measured typically in cubic yards. This is the biggest factor in determining your final delivery cost. After calculating how much concrete you need for your project, don’t forget to add 5% to 10%. This is to account spills and wastage.

Ordering more than you need is way better than ending up short. Pouring twice may produce a “cold seam” between the concrete that will cause you to start over.

When the concrete is poured into a slab, patio, driveway or sidewalk, the whole process is fast and is cost-effective. This estimation includes the cost of concrete, the amount of concrete needed, the grading of the land, preparing the sub base, the laying of reinforcements, the pumping and the finishing. 


When hiring a delivery contractor, you need to be sure first of getting at least 3 cost estimates from them and compare these pricing from multiple concrete contractors.  You shall know some things you don’t know beforehand.

The pricing will tell you on the type of delivery you need, the best PSI (pressure per square inch) to use on your project. They will tell you the right aggregates you need. You will also get an accurate quote based on your cubic yard requirements. 

You also need to check on their online reviews from HomeGuide and Google. It’s always a good idea to check their better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. Make sure they are insured, licensed and bonded.

Ask for references about their recent projects they have completed. Get the contract and terms you settled with them in writing.  Also, make sure that the amount of concreted you bought is appropriate for your project.

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