If you’re wondering whether to install electric gates at your home, you may want to know if they can be opened forcibly. It’s a common question, usually asked by individuals with two separate concerns.

They want to know what will happen if the mains electricity goes out. Will they be able to get in or out of their home if the mains power fails or if there is a gate malfunction?

The second issue is security. Is it difficult for intruders to force their way through electric gates?

How do I open the gates during a power cut?

Power outages can be a big nuisance, and the ability to maintain power for electric gates is important. It’s worth thinking about getting a backup source of electricity for your gates.

Even if your mains supply is disconnected for a time, you may use your electric gates a few times.

What about the manual release?

The main guideline is that you should never force a manual release mechanism. You should always apply pressure to the gate gradually and steadily. A key is generally used to operate a manual release mechanism.

The gate can be moved manually by rotating this into the lock on the motor housing and then turning it. When gates are equipped with a magnetic lock, cutting the electricity will release the lock.

As part of an agreed maintenance plan, it’s a good idea to have your manual release mechanism verified by a professional gate installer regularly.

Can electric gates be forced open by an intruder?

One method to improve the safety of your house is to install electric gates. They create a tangible barrier that would deter even the most determined thief who knows that automatic gates are difficult to pry open without using a lot of effort.

The most significant distinctions between swing gates and sliding gates are their hinges. Swing gates may be opened by pushing with enough force at the far side of the hinge from the latch.

The force of leverage is amplified by the principle of leverage, allowing motors, motor arms, and hinges to break. As a result, swing gates with leaves more than 2m wide should include a locking mechanism to keep the closed gates together.

When the sliding gates are closed, they are kept in place by vertical supports on both sides. Sliding gates are more difficult to open than swing gates without locks since the only way to push them open is against these containing uprights.

Since the sliding gates are heavier, it is not as easy to use force against them. If they contain locks, security is increased and they will be more difficult to overcome.

What types of locks do electric gates have?

The most common type of electric gate lock is a solenoid. These locks use a magnetic field to hold the latch in place until an electrical current is applied with the correct frequency to release it.

In addition, some models use a rotating mechanism to open and close gates. There are long-term mechanical components such as bearings,

There are many different kinds of manual gate locks, but there are only a small number of types that work well

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