Can The Dentist Tell Your Parents If You Vape?

Can The Dentist Tell Your Parents If You Vape

Everybody knows how vaping or smoking is harmful to physical and oral health. Dentists who work professionally can easily detect that their patients have an addiction to smoking. Smoking is the main reason for cavity disease. But, the question arises, can the dentist give awareness to parents about their child if he uses vaping? Let’s discuss the things in this article. 

Vape harm your oral health

Vape or electronic cigarettes are dangerous to our lungs, stomach, and oral health. Unfortunately, vaping is habitual in our generation.

Disadvantages of vaping

Smoking is overall a bad habit for everybody, not just for youngsters. Here we talk about a few disadvantages of smoking or vaping;

  • Bad cough
  • Dry your mouth and throat
  • Irritation in your jaws and mouth
  • Will heart your stomach
  • Cause of heart issues
  • Bad breath

Some more bad reactions of vaping are discussed below.

1. Vape cause Periodontal diseases

Periodontal disease is an immense cause of tooth loss. It may cause heart issues. Some people use Nicotine to vape, which causes vasoconstriction. Because of it, your gum starts bleeding. It drives your gums more sensitive to disease and can cause gum slumps. Vape can dry your mouth, and it stops fighting against plaque bacteria when your saliva gets dry.

2. Vape Cause of Tooth Staining

Some vape companies suggest that vaping will not make your teeth stained. They only want to sell their product with these kinds of rumors. But we can say that vaping stains lessen your teeth more than cigarettes. If someone contains Nicotine in a vape, it causes your teeth to stain because Nicotine has its color.

3. Vape Cause of Cavity Issues

Plaque acid rotting your teeth’s enamel is the cause of the cavity. Plaque bacteria produce this toxic acid when they reach into connection with sugar. So if you are using a vape that contains sugar, it can be the reason for cavities. If you can’t stop vaping, use a vape that is free of sugar.

Can Dentists Tell the Parents About Vaping?

Some kids can tell their parents about vaping comfortably. Because their parents are chill and consider vaping modernism. But some kids have restrictions. They get scared when they try to ask their parents about vaping. So, Didsbury Dental Practice can help parents to awareness of their child’s activity.

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