Can you Install an Inground Swimming Pool Yourself?

Swimming Pool

Some people love doing things by themselves. All it takes is personal satisfaction and hundreds of challenges when you make something from scratch to perfection. 

Plus, you save money you would otherwise have to pay the laborers. 

Before starting with any DIY project, it is important to consider if you can really make it to the end and if it is worth the effort. 

Undoubtedly, proceeding with installing an inground swimming pool can be rewarding, but it is important to consider your skills and resources as well. 

There are various articles out there claiming how easy it is to install an inground pool. 

But most of them forget to mention if it is good to install by yourself or if you need to hire a professional to do it. 

Let’s discuss how to install an inground pool by yourself and the factors to consider when dealing with the project on your own. 

Here are some pros and cons of handling the installation process by yourself. It will help you make an informed decision. 

Can you install an inground swimming pool yourself?

In short: Yes, you can. 

It is simple and only needs some basic construction skills and regular household-accessible tools. 

Almost everyone, whether landscapers or retired people, can install inground pools without professional help. 

How to Install an Inground Swimming Pool?

Obtain Building Permits to Dig the hole.

If you don’t have a construction permit, no construction can begin, no matter what. 

So, you need to apply for a building permit first. Once you receive the approval, you can then begin with the work. 

Building and zoning can differ from town to town. However, you need to satisfy various setback distances from the pool to the well, tacks, wetlands, and property lines. 

You can consider adding alarms on all the house doors and gates that lead to the gate. Install a power safety cover over the pool, especially if you have pets or young children. 

You can contact the local building department or zoning board to know the specific rules and regulations. 

Choose the appropriate site.

Choose a suitable place for your pool and decide on the type of pool you want to consider. To do so, you can get some help from a pool contractor for valuable insights on pool placement – 

  • Capture the sun – Choose a location that is open to the sun and away from the shades of the trees. Such a location will keep your water warm while reducing the number of leaves dropping in your pools. 
  • Block breezes – Building a pool in a windy location enhances water evaporation. It means you need to keep adding water to maintain an appropriate water level. When you are wet, strong winds can make you feel cold, so adding the pool in an open area can let you enjoy a sunny day. 
  • High and Dry – Don’t place your pool in a low-lying area. It can result in a pool flooding with mud all around during heavy rain. 
  • All clear above and below – Before installing an inground pool, check the pool’s location. It should not be located under the telephone or electrical wires. Further, it should not placed over the electrical cables or the buried sewer lines. 

Install fiberglass swimming pools.

When you are doing the job by yourself, a fiberglass swimming pool can be a suitable choice among any other. They are easier and quick to install; sometimes, they can be installed in 3 to 5 days. 

The ultra-smooth gel coat finish enhances durability and stain resistance, ensuring long-lasting quality.

And unlike concrete pools, fiberglass is non-porous. 

It means these pools use fewer pool chemicals and are less prone to algae growth. 

Can you really do it by yourself?

Installing an inground fiberglass swimming pool yourself is not something that you should take lightly. 

The process requires a lot of expertise and professional equipment to finish the job. You cannot plan and complete it in a few days. 

In fact, it needs technical thinking and skills for building, plumbing, and electrical expertise. 

Hiring a workforce is possible, as doing it alone will take you forever. 

If you don’t know about the pool installation, there will be more possibilities of getting involved in the worst cases. As a result, those can cost you more than you taken into account. 

Hira Umair