Christmas Party Nights 2021

Christmas Party Nights

Currently, Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties are the most anticipated parties that people are eagerly waiting for. But, with the ongoing trend of virtual stages, event organizers and brands are looking for solutions that can enhance their Virtual Christmas Party Nights flow and make it highly successful.

In this article, we’ll walk you through what are online Christmas parties, and which engaging ideas can make them stand out;

What is a Virtual Christmas Party?

The global pandemic and lockdown restrictions have driven us to the world of a customized virtual stage. With several types of events being hosted online, our next most anticipated event is the virtual Christmas celebration. An event that will take place over the Internet, involves a large group of attendees demands event organizers to get a little creative in the way they plan and execute the Christmas party nights.

Celebrations and parties are occasions to feel comfortable and make the most of the moment. So, there should be no compromise with celebrations happening virtually.

How Do You Make Your Virtual Christmas Party Celebrations More Interesting?

If you need to stand out at your virtual events, make sure to do research, study the trending events, and pick the right platform features. Also, you need to make the most of virtual Christmas celebration ideas to keep your attendees engaged and involved.

Here are a few ideas that can make a Christmas and new year virtual party more enjoyable;

Virtual Secret Santa

We haven’t heard about Christmas celebrations without a Santa. So, a secret Santa is a must to stimulate your virtual Christmas events. Keeping it a secret or a surprise, you can think of exciting presents and consider sending them to your registered attendees or employees to make them feel prized.

Thematic Costume Dress-up

Pre-event strategies are ways to let people know their attendance is very important. To arouse excitement before the event, you can ask your audience to join the online Xmas party with their costume related to Christmas. It could be a Santa hat, Santa coat, reindeer antlers, or just Santa gloves.

Send Christmas Invites

With virtual events or festivals, you need to send attractive invites to your participants that will draw them to your event. You can send personalized invitations that will indicate how important the attendees are to you.

What Are Some Engaging Virtual Christmas Party Ideas?

Virtual Show and Tell Activity

It is an excellent virtual Christmas game to make your event more interactive and fun-loving. Here, you can get an incredible speaker onboard to ensure there’s no chaos during the event. You can keep 7-8 rounds of the speaker naming an object and attendees showing the same.

It is an excellent way to gauge the active participation of the attendees. The person who shows the named object first maximum times can take a discounted coupon or exciting prize. The show and tell game objects can include;

  1. A longline coat
  2. A fully decorated Christmas tree
  3. A family photograph
  4. A horrifying gift
  5. Christmas lights

Virtual Christmas Movie Night

We understand that physical Christmas celebrations are really fun and entertaining. But, the successful execution of online events can help replicate the experiences of an in-person event. You need to be very thoughtful while choosing your virtual meeting platform. Top platforms can enable all the attendees to watch a movie together. To add more excitement, you can divide the audience into two groups and pre-decide some particular words which when announced during the movie, attendees would have to say BINGO! The team who does it correctly for maximum times wins the competition.

Christmas Tree Decorating

Christmas tree decoration is one vital practice that people have been following for years. So, it has to be an essential element of your online Christmas party nights too. You can keep a healthy competition between the attendees, set a timer, and ask them to decorate their Christmas as best as possible.

Virtual Christmas Trivia and Quizzes

Organizing a virtual party requires keeping short, exciting activities to boost attendee engagement. You can include trivia or quiz sessions based on Christmas to make your celebrations more remarkable.

Your online trivia questions can be similar to;

  • Where did Christmas celebrations commence initially?
  • What is the name of the popular Christmas carol?
  • What is the significance of the Christmas tree and Sants Claus?

Trivia and quiz sessions are amazing brainstorming activities that drive people to put in their 100% participation.

Virtual Christmas Dinner Party

Having team dinners together over a virtual screen sounds interesting, right? They are moments when people unleash themselves and try bonding with everyone. It is one of the best team-building activities that lets attendees engage, interact, and connect.

Virtual Christmas Icebreaker Activity

To boost attendee engagement, you can summon a renowned guest or speaker who is familiar with managing event attendees exceptionally. The speaker can ask some interesting Christmas-related questions to promote 2-way communication. For example;

  1. Which year’s Christmas party did the attendees enjoy the most?
  2. Which is the most special Christmas gift that they have received till now?

Such brainstorming activities are ways to make participants feel more connected and create a unique experience for them.

Virtual Christmas Photobooth

Down the lane, it’s the memories that people cherish. So, keeping a virtual photo booth at your event is an excellent way to ensure that people remember your Christmas event for a long time. The photo booth allows attendees to take multiple pictures with their pets, family members, colleagues, and friends. Later, if they post this on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, it would enhance the social media presence of the brand.

Final Word

The above-mentioned ideas are excellent means to keep your attendees hooked for a long time. Besides this, it’s a must for event planners to look for perfect virtual event platforms that have brushed their skills. Such platforms are capable of hosting a grand online Xmas party that will be treasured by the attendees in the years to come.

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