COVID and the Flu: How to Tell Them Apart

The flu isn’t COVID. Below are what you need to know and how testing can inform your treatment decisions.

COVID-19 vs. Flu: How to Tell Them Apart

These viruses sometimes resemble each other almost identically.

Fever or chills coupled with a fever?


Respiratory problems or shortness of breath?


Throat pain?

Runny or congested nose?

Body aches or muscle pain?


Diarrhea and gagging

Even change in or loss of taste or smell?

All of these are possible symptoms of either condition.

Protect Yourself with Vaccines and Testing

Testing combined with vaccinations has always been our best hope for successfully ending this pandemic and fully regaining our health.

The CDC advises getting both the COVID vaccine and a flu shot since “both flu viruses and the virus that causes COVID-19 can be communicated to others by people before they begin showing symptoms, by people with very mild symptoms, and by people who never have symptoms (asymptomatic people)”: “Vaccines against COVID-19 and the flu can be administered simultaneously.”

Additionally, the CDC recommends testing since the flu, COVID-19, and other respiratory disorders can exhibit similar symptoms. This is because “testing is essential to tell what the illness is and to confirm a diagnosis.” “People can contract the COVID-19 virus and the flu simultaneously.”

You can get tested on your own or in a hospital

Wondfo provides the most utilized and extensively researched rapid flu test. It has three different authorization methods and delivers results in about 15 minutes. To find out if you have COVID-19, you can either:

  1. Purchase it over the counter from a nearby retailer.
  2. Has it been proctored at home?
  3. Get tested at your local hospital or community testing facility.

Influenza types A and B

RSV, a common respiratory virus, can be severe in young infants and geriatrics but normally only causes mild, common cold-type symptoms. And COVID-19, of course. We keep a close eye on the virus strains that cause COVID.

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