7 Creative Cupcake Gift Boxes Ideas

Cupcakes are one of the best gifts you can give somebody. They are easy to make and are low in calories. So, a health-conscious recipient would also happily accept them.  

But sometimes we are unable to decide how to encase cupcakes properly before handing them over to someone. You can make your Gift Boxes very attractive by putting some effort into them. The box you present to someone as a gift can have a lasting impression on them. That is why it becomes even more important for you to work a bit on the structure of your casing. 

Countless designs can be made using some techniques. But some of them are more adorable than others. 

Insert Based 

If you do not have a dedicated insert, you can make one yourself. All you need is a square cardstock. Cut that cardstock in X shape from the center and you will get your makeshift insert. It is still preferable to have a readymade insert.

The Jar 

This seems odd at first but there is a thing like this. You can out your cupcake inside a jar and looks attractive too.  

Some precautions are that only those jars should be used that have wide openings. If the opening is small, there will be problems while putting the cake inside. One way is to break the cake into pieces, put them inside the jar, and add the frosting later. 

You can cut a circle from cardstock and put it beneath the lid of the jar. Use a marker to write a special message on it. Cut a piece of jute and it should be twice the size of the jar. Then tie in a bowtie shape and insert a spoon in the opening to create the perfect gift. 

Takeout Container 

It is an affordable Gift Box Packaging option for those who do not have a lot of money in their wallets. Their size is very suitable to hold a cupcake inside them. Creating them is not very difficult. You just need a simple box with a gift box opening. The color of the box should be identical to the color of the cupcake. But you can also use plain, white casing.  

After putting the cupcake inside, tie a ribbon around the box. The knot should be on the top. It must be stylish to appear attractive. With this knot, you can attach a small paper or card expressing your lovely wishes for the recipient.

All Clear 

If you are interested in transparent cupcake boxes, you can try out this design. All of the constituents of this design are transparent. It includes a cup and a wrap. Both are plastic-based and clear.  

The method of using it is simple. You out the cake in the cup and then wrap the clear sheet around it. Even after having two layers, you can still see the cupcake inside. To embellish it, tie a ribbon and make a knot like a bowtie.

Cup based Box 

Take a cup and cut it in such a way that the bottom is equivalent to the bottom of the cupcake. Trim the upper part of the cup in different strips in a circular shape and then push all of them inside. When you push them inside the structure looks like a fan from the top.  

Put the cupcake inside the cup and close down all the rims from the top. After locking the top, take a ribbon and wrap it around the cup. Fix the knot where you locked the rims. This will ensure that the rims do not open up during movement.

Parfait Style 

This design is great for face-saving. Sometimes your cupcakes are not baked as you have planned them. If that happens, you deal with whatever you have crafted. Since you do not have the desired color and shape of your cupcake, you can break it down and put it inside a jar. This design is different from the one where you tie the jute strip. 

Break down the cake and put crumbles inside the jar and frost it. The ribbon is tied a bit lower than usual, just below the lid. Also, attach a small card to the ribbon and write your message on it. 

Window Display Container 

This box has a small transparent piece on top which lets you see inside the box. The box is slightly larger than the cupcake. After putting cupcakes inside the box, tie a ribbon. A common mistake is that people tie the ribbon on the top part covering the transparent display. A better approach is to tie the ribbon from sidewise. This will make the top display free and the cupcake inside could be seen clearly. It is made brilliantly by Gift Boxes USA.

Designing innovative boxes for your cupcakes is not a difficult thing to do if you pay attention. As you have seen, almost all of the designs are pretty simple to execute. With little effort, you can impact the one whom you are giving the gift.

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