Cute Tiger Easy Drawing | Tiger Easy Drawing Tutorial

Cute Tiger Easy Drawing | Tiger Easy Drawing Tutorial

Easy Drawing You may start drawing amazing cats right away if you add this step-by-step instruction for drawing a tiger to your library. Your newest wonderful, straightforward drawing tutorial is titled Easy Drawing is our title.

Tigers, lions, and bears? Oh My! My Lou has so much to sketch; keep reading! If you don’t see what you want on the list, kindly let me know what you would like to have drawn.

Sketching Tools For Cartoon Tigers:

Prepare yourself and gather your equipment, then let’s go to work on this tiger cub.

a ruler, colored pencils, paper, and a pencil (optional)

How to draw a tiger quickly

The detailed instructions and examples with drawings will show you how to draw a tiger for kids from start to finish. You only need to follow these guidelines to draw a tiger quickly.


  • On the paper’s lower right side, draw an oval. Make the nose at the top of the oval by drawing a little upside-down triangle; the cheeks are then made by hanging two wavy lines from the nose in opposite directions.
  • Add three dots inside the cheek area to suggest whiskers. The first step in making a simple tiger is to draw the nose and mouth.


  • The nose and mouth you drew in the previous step should be at the bottom of a larger circle that you will use to outline the rest of the tiger’s face in step two. From the corners of the nose, draw straight lines up to the top of the head. Pay attention to the diagonal lines.
  • Add 2 dot eyes on either side of the lines you just drew. Add two ears above the eyes on the side of the head. The head, ears, and eyes should then be added.


  • Sketch the tiger’s body outline as follows: To represent the hind limb, draw a curved line at an angle from the ear across the page. Draw two straight lines: one from the mouth to the chest, the other from the chest to the front leg. Go back now and add the paw and belly lines.
  • The following step will be to draw the tiger’s body and legs.


  • Sketch the tail and the extra legs as follows: Begin by drawing a curved line for the tiger’s tail at the top of the back leg. The tail’s back end connects to the hind leg region and extends downward with a rounded tip.
  • You can represent the hind limb by slanting a line down from the belly, turning, drawing a paw, and then slanting back up. The tiger appears to be moving because of this. Draw curved lines similar to the tail to raise the front paw off the ground. Just sketch the tail and rear legs on this easy tiger painting.


  • On the tiger’s tail, create four rectangles and color them in. As you draw the smallest rectangle toward the tail, each rectangle should be slightly bigger than before. Five triangles, one on each hind leg, three on the left, and two on the right, should be drawn and filled in to resemble stripes. You can see that the triangles are off-center. There is some distance between them.
  • Draw and color three stripes on each of the front legs. The stripes on one are on the left side, while the stripes on the other are on the right side. Around the tiger’s face, create 10 triangles with 5 on one side and 5 on the other. The three triangles on the side of the face, the two above the eyes, and the two above the head should all be identical to the other side.
  • Draw and fill in four higher triangles rising from the belly line. Draw and fill in the seven tallest triangles descending from the back. These triangles should be offset from the triangles rising from the belly. The stripes on this lovely painting of a tiger.


  • Step six of the step-by-step drawing tutorial shows that the tiger’s orange fur and black stripes should be colored.
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