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Whether you are slim or round, there will always be a lingerie model suited to your body type. You just have to choose the right fabric and the right style. Find out below for tips that will help you choose the right type of lingerie for your shape.

Lingerie suitable for those with an X-shaped morphology

X is the type of build that almost every woman dreams of having. This shape is distinguished by the alignment of the shoulders with the hips and the well-marked slim waist. This type of morphology is often called the hourglass silhouette. We can say that all the lingerie models are adapted to this morphology, whether it is the two sexy pieces or the plain lingerie which remains close to the body. For a perfect outfit, we recommend that you opt for a push-up and triangle top combined with a simple bottom, for example a thong with small ornament on the hips. For stockings, prefer low-wasted or high-cut lingerie to enhance your figure. If in addition to this shape, you have a good breast, we advise you to favor a bra which will highlight your assets.

Lingerie suitable for those with an 8 body shape

The figure of 8 is characterized by a luscious silhouette and a well-marked waist. This morphology is also very popular because of the well-defined curves, shapely thighs and well-rounded shoulders. In general, you can afford anything. But to enhance your shape, the ideal is to favor a low-cut bra and low-wasted panties. You have to avoid the headbands which crush your generous breasts. If you are looking for lingerie that suits you, know we are a company specializing in the panties manufacturers. And dresses It offers a wide range of models of all sizes, ranging from 34 to 56.

Lingerie suitable for those with an H-shaped morphology

The H-shaped morphology is characterized by the alignment of the shoulders, waist and hips. Thus, your size is not marked. To make this shape a little more sexy and glamorous, you need to bring out your shoulders and slim your waist. For this, you can bet on optical illusions and put on a padded or push-up bra to enhance your breasts. To mark your size a little, you should favor a panty with sheath and high waist.

If you want two-piece lingerie, you can choose a bandeau or a triangle top to correct your shoulders. For the bottom, you should prefer a slightly indented model with a graphic printed pattern to stretch your figure.

With this body type, you should avoid fabrics with horizontal stripes that support the rectangular side of the shape as well as boy shorts and bras that are not feminine enough to show off your body.

Lingerie suitable for those with an A-shape

If you have an A-shape, often also called the pyramid morphology, you should favor lingerie that highlights your shoulders and hides your hips. Indeed, this type of morphology is characterized by thinner shoulders and a fuller pelvis. Thus, the type of lingerie suited to your figure is a padded top or a push-up bra with a low-wasted shorty or skirt-type bottom that covers your hips.

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