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DesignEvo is an online service for you to design a logo in seconds as this platform provides more than 10,000 logo templates. You only need to select the theme they like and match the unique icons, text, shape, and background for editing. Customizations can help you quickly create a unique logo design.

Moreover, the services provided by DesignEvo are more than just applying a template. Everything is open and free to use if you want to reset the font style or modify the color matching, make-up and down symmetry, left and proper balance, and other designs. And the operation is effortless, and even a novice can quickly design logos.

Why use DesignEvo for logo design?

For most people, to make their brand logo, apart from exploring and imitating the design on their own, it is usually outsourced to find a professional design Studio.

It is the most economical to do it yourself, but it is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the results may not be excellent. You may want to consider whether it is worth the time. Outsourcing can see many designs that you can’t imagine, and the quality is better. However, the only consideration is probably That is, the fee is much more expensive.

DesignEvo is somewhere between the two, providing users with the flexibility to edit according to their preferences. The download cost after the completion of the draft is relatively cost-effective. There are many online design templates, pleasing textures, and styles that can keep up with trends. 

How to design your logo with DesignEvo?

Register Account

After entering DesignEvo, you first need to register your account and click the Sign-up button at the top right.

To log in quickly in the future, you can choose to register an account with a Facebook or Google account.

Start making your logo.

After logging in to the website, the user’s photo sticker will be displayed on the upper right side, and then you can click Make a Free Logo on the homepage to start designing.

After entering the template gallery, it will display the template’s default is the Popular category.  You can instantly see the most popular themes, or click on other sorted categories if you need to specify keywords to search also possible. currently, DesignEvo has 34 categories in total.

Choose the logo template you like, and then click Custom to start editing. If you need a similar style, you can also click Similar.

The first time you use it, the website will navigate related functions, such as the icons, text, shapes, background mentioned at the beginning of the article.

The company name and slogan in the logo template can be edited at will, and different font, sizes, color, thickness, slant, capitalization, transparency, wrapping, shadow/glow, text bending can be applied. If you are not like the logo resolution, you can customize it at your will.

Design Toolbar: Function Explanation

Click the icon menu to search for the target icon or manually click on the sorted website.

For example, if you search Facebook, the content listed contains various similar Facebook patterns. After clicking the design field added to the right, you can customize color matching, flip, transparency.

The shape tab mainly contains seven themes: badges, decorations, lines, solid shapes, hollow shapes, banners, and symbols.

If you want to change the banner, then you can click on the pattern in the design draft and then click on the target banner style to switch immediately.  

The text part is to modify fonts, add a slogan or name.

The background part is mainly modifying the logo background color. You can set the solid color or gradient color, and you can use it if necessary.

Finished design: preview your logo

After you have completed your design, you can click the Preview function above. The website will list business cards, documents, clothes, notebooks, websites, and other simulated styles, allowing you to check the look of the logo design.

Save your logo design

Regardless of whether your design file has been completed, you can click Save at the top to facilitate future editing and viewing of your design.

Click on the photo at the top right of the website and select My Design. At this time, you will enter the My Design list, so you see all your design.

As the name suggests, the Edit function is to continue to modify the design. And Upgrade means paying to download a high-quality file; if you no longer need the design files, you can also click Delete.

Download your logo

DesignEvo currently offers two paid plans including, Basic Package and plus Package, with different costs. After payment, The design draft can be edited and downloaded unlimited times.


After you have checked out the DesignEvo tutorial, is it simple to design your logo? Therefore, if you need a logo, then just feel free to try this tool.

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