Dressing Like the Italians: The Tips and Tricks

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Fashion is very important in Italian culture and they pay minute attention to how the people are dressed around them. Italians can be very fashion-conscious and there are a few things about Italian clothing that you need to know before you travel to this beautiful place.

Dressing the Italian Way

Whatever you wear should fit you well: 

A well-fitted look is a popular choice to look classy and trust us, Italians love that when an outfit highlights the high points of a person.

When not on a vacation, men rarely wear shorts and may wear them only at resorts. Women prefer wearing capri pants.

When wearing a suit, you may put on a tie. Sweat pants or a tracksuit are not the right choices for Italy, they are too casual. Avoid baggy clothes too. Even when they wear jeans, they prefer pairing them with a dressy top. Italian clothing online usually has a wide collection of fashionable, dressy tops. 

Proper footwear: 

Just like the outfits, the Italians love to study one’s footwear too. Classy shoes are something that they like. Minimal and classy. Flip-flops, crocs are a big turn-off.

Choose a high-quality leather or fabric for your shoe. Keep them in good shape and get them shined. Women can go for nice ballet-style shoes, smart boots, and high heels if they are going out for dinners at night. If not comfortable with stilettoes, you can also opt for a nice show with wedge heels. 

Evening outfits:

When in Italy, consider changing your day outfits when you are out during the evening/night. Men aren’t preferred to be found in shorts during the evening and it is considered more elegant to wear shirts without breast pockets or collar buttons.

If going for jeans, wear a well-fitted, regular one, and pair them up with a nice jacket. Definitely pack a skirt and dress for your trip to Italy.  

Opt for classic colours:

 It is an occasional event that you find an Italian wearing bold, bright colours and they tend to prefer classic colours more than loud prints. You can stick with solid, classic colours like tan, white, black, blue. Pastel shades are also welcome. In Italy, one can wear lighter colours like cream white, etc throughout the year and Italians are quite fond of them. Light clothes do not attract much heat keeping the wearer cool even in very sunny weather.

Appropriate dressing to visit the Vatican: 

People visiting Italy will quite obviously try to visit the Vatican. But there are specific dressing codes or etiquettes that you need to follow. Not only for the Vatican, but these rules also apply for any church or cathedral visit across the globe. 

Vatican City is the Pope’s residence and headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. When visiting there one should avoid wearing tank tops or anything similar that exposes the shoulders. Wearing anything too revealing is often considered a sign of disrespect. You should not wear a miniskirt or shorts to the Vatican as these are frowned upon. The south is more conservative and you may require to carry a scarf or a shawl too. Even if you are wearing something sleeveless, carry a shirt with you to cover your shoulders or buy a shawl and wrap your shoulders before entering the premises. 

Now you know how to dress like them, but what about the accessories?

It will remain very sunny in Italy throughout your trip, especially in the southern part, where it remains very bright during the day, so sunglasses are absolutely necessary. Sunscreen is also a must, especially during the Spring and Summertime. Italians also consider a straw hat with brims chic, and this would also save your eyes and skin from the hot, sunny weather. 

Carry a jacket or a sweater for the night-outs or untimely weather changes. In the winter, you would need a thick padded winter coat, gloves, scarves, and maybe a hat too. To keep your feet warm, you can go for a pair of classic leather boots.

Also, to make your look more charming and complete it, add a nice handbag and scarves while you are packing for your trip to Italy.

To buy Italian fashion online, specific websites are selling classy Italian clothes that you may like in soft colours that the Italians like. Happy shopping and happy tripping!

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