Earn Money From Freelance Jobs on Guru

Guru provides members with an opportunity to earn extra income by taking on freelance work ranging from interview essay writers and MetaTrader programmers, among others.

Clients can select to make hourly, milestone-based or recurring payments and create an online workroom to coordinate projects among multiple freelancers.


Guru is an online platform that connects freelancers and clients. It provides a secure and straightforward method of hiring talent quickly for projects quickly. Its intuitive user-friendly interface enables clients to oversee all aspects of their project from one virtual dashboard, including communications with freelancers, tracking negotiations of quotes being discussed with them, managing invoices etc.

Marketing services guru.com offers various payment methods, such as direct bank transfers and PayPal. Furthermore, there is also the SafePay account, which acts like an escrow service. Unfortunately, however, some users have reported difficulties blocking scammers and ineffective screening freelancers on Guru.

Though joining is free, there is a 2.9% fee associated with handling invoices – though this might add up if you work on multiple jobs at once. Furthermore, withdrawal fees can sometimes be quite steep on this platform.


As a freelancer searching for clients on Guru, it’s vital to keep your profile accurate and updated. Communication between yourself and clients should also be clear so they understand your scope of work as well as any firm expectations such as delivery due dates. Be wary not to include direct contact information in ads as this could potentially get banned from the platform.

Clients at Guru can search for freelancers by skill and services offered, view portfolios of potential contractors and create lists of preferred contractors. Finally, clients can hire freelancers via an online WorkRoom workspace dedicated to managing projects involving multiple freelancers – making hiring easier overall!

Guru can save businesses both time and effort by connecting them with freelancers with strong track records for one-off or extended projects.


Your payments for jobs will appear in your Cash Account on Guru, where they can be used to purchase membership or Bids on the platform or withdrawn using one of several available transfer methods.

SafePay can help ensure that you’re paid for your work on Guru, with clients having to deposit money into an escrow account before they release any of it. Invoicing clients directly can also be an option, though this can be more risky due to difficulty verifying customer identity.

If you are an international freelancer working to withdraw funds, make sure to verify whether there are no hidden charges when withdrawing them. Many payment services such as PayPal and Payoneer charge steep fees when sending money across borders or currency borders – this could greatly diminish how much cash is in your account at the end of each day.

Customer service

Guru offers multiple customer support options, including an interactive help center and email-based ticketing system. Both options can be accessed by both employers and freelancers alike and feature topic-based categories along with an FAQs section.

Guru makes onboarding new employees, surfacing knowledge and creating exceptional experiences simple. Its intranet features give individuals personalized access to role-specific data and critical company updates; while its generative AI finds helpful content. Plus, Guru integrates seamlessly into all your favorite tools so employees remain within their workflows while finding instantaneous answers instantly.

Guru offers customer service from Monday – Friday 9am-6pm EST. Their FAQ section features topics including account issues, payment issues and technical questions; users may also call them.

Zeeshan Khan