Not Connecting? Here are Some Easy Ways to Solve Your Issue!


You possess Airpods, a pocket-sized Bluetooth device that appears to be the easiest thing to manage until they quit working. The charging case for Apple AirPods has only one button, and it appears as if there is nothing you can do to repair the problem when you look at it. However, this is not the case. One button on the Apple Airpods can solve a variety of issues. This implies you won’t have to go to your local cell phone repair shop and can work as a technician instead. Here are some fast fixes for issues like Airpods not connecting, right/left Airpod not working, and more

However, in such cases, the first step is to recharge your Airpods by placing them back into the charging case. After that, just wait a few seconds and it should work. If your AirPods are still not working, you can try fixing them with your iOS device again. If you’re still having trouble connecting your Airpods, here are some suggestions.

If your Airpods aren’t connecting, the First Thing You Should Do Is Clean Them

When it comes to technology, Airpods are unique/one-of-a-kind; Airpods require regular cleaning to function effectively. Airpods, on the other hand, are not recommended for use with liquids. Furthermore, the 1st and 2nd generation Airpods, as well as the charging cases used, are not waterproof. Apple claims that the Airpods Pro are a step forward in technology because they are water-resistant “to a degree.” Make sure you don’t cause any additional damage to the AirPods while cleaning them.

There are A Few Guidelines To Follow When Cleaning Your AirPod (To fix only one AirPod only)

  • If any removal marks on your Airpod need to be eliminated, wipe them away with a slightly wet towel.
  • Apple and iFixScreens recommend using a soft, dry, and lint-free cloth to clean your Airpod if it gets dusty.
  • Most importantly, making sure your Airpods or Airpods Pro are entirely dry before putting them back in the charging case can assist.
  • Clean your microphones and speakers with a dry cotton swab.
  • When cleaning your Airpods Generation 1, Airpods Generation 2, or Airpods Pro, avoid using sharp objects.

Cleaning the AirPods Charging Case Is The Next Step

  • To wipe away the filth, Apple recommends using a dry, clean cloth.
  • If you’re going to clean the debris out of the case, use a clean, soft-bristled toothbrush or a Q-tip to clean the inside.
  • Avoid putting anything inside the charging port at all costs.
  • It is recommended that you disinfect your Airpods/charging case due to a coronavirus epidemic. Apple also suggests disinfecting your Airpods with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipes and Clorox wipes.

Unpair and Repair Your Airpods If Necessary

In 90% of situations, this method is effective. Another option is to “forget” your Airpods on the device you’re trying to pair with and then repair it.

These are the measures you must take.

For iPhone:

Go to Settings > General. Select Bluetooth > the I icon next to your Airpods > the I icon next to your Airpods > the I icon next to your Airpod Leave your device at home.

For Mac Users

Go to System Preferences > Bluetooth, then click the “x” next to your Airpods. Ignore the Device

Before you begin, double-check that you have everything you need.

Close the lid and wait 30 seconds with both Airpods in the charging case.

Press and hold the Airpods’ button until the white light flashes.

Make sure the Airpods are close to your Apple device, then open the cover and repair it.

Why are My Airpods Unable To Connect To My Mac?

Another common reason why your AirPods may act strangely when you try to pair them with your MacBook is because of a Bluetooth issue, an outdated macOS version, or a problem with your AirPods. Try consulting an expert repairer in such a case.


Explained above are some of the problems that you might face with your Airpods and some potential solutions to fix them. If you still need help, then you should stop being the master. You should try and get in touch with someone who is a professional and is capable of performing the repairs easily.

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