Elegant prom dresses that will take your breath away

beautiful prom dresses

Are you worried that the marriage etiquette is an elegant party dress and you are wrong? We explain what the options are!

The couple sent you the invitation indicating that it will be an elegant marriage, so you must take on the task of complying with that dress code by opting for elegant prom dresses, however, it is necessary that you know the types that you know what could be your best alternative.

The short black dresses reflect our fresher and jovial personality. If you have beautiful legs, dare to show them off with a short black dress, this garment will make them stand out because in the face of so much darkness, everything that stands out from it will attract attention and this will be what happens with your legs. That’s why sexy girls, full of vitality and youth, always have a black dress close by.

Trends in prom dresses 2022

The models of party dresses for the coming season stand out for the color palette: fuchsia, gray, electric blue, emerald green and a wide variety of pastel tones and with a metallic effect.

For its part, in terms of design, hourglass silhouettes, A-line cuts and tube-style dresses remain in trend. It makes way for fabrics with good drape which gives life to looser designs.

The skirts also have their contribution, there are those straight , with folds that start at the waist, skirts with cuts on the bias (diagonal) or with escaroles which result in elegant dresses for marriage.

The trendiest party dress models are one- pieces with palazzo pants (a high-waisted garment and a wide boot that covers the shoes), in two-color combinations or sets in a single tone.

Hence the importance that, before choosing an elegant party dress, you know what will be in fashion and you can choose the shade that best goes with the time of the celebration.

Short elegant prom dresses

On the other hand, short elegant dresses for parties are magnificent, why? To begin, look at their designs: outfits that are accompanied by long sleeves in the style of poet, balloon , bell or open ; details at the waist such as bows and to cover shoulders overlapping bodies that act as layers.

Models of dresses with V-necklines (some more discreet and others deeper), the most romantic such as the illusion neckline with lace and transparency; finally, elegant party dresses made in shiny or metallic fabrics.

The short party dresses are indicated for celebrations in the morning and until noon. These elegant dresses can be above the knee in a straight skirt or with some flair.

Party dresses for day marriage 

One of the first considerations you should have when deciding on elegant party dresses to wear at the wedding is the time of day the ceremony is going to take place.

The option of elegant dress models focuses on the long Chanel , the one that goes below the knees and that among its designs can be tighter skirts.

Similarly, sheer or layered fabrics with pleats and boleros are allowed. Keep in mind that if the invitation indicates that it will be in the morning, you can opt for short white dresses with prints and light tones.

Finally, if the invitation is in the afternoon, the skirt can keep the same length and migrate towards darker colors or with more showy patterns, but still keeping the line of the day cocktail dresses.

Romantic dresses

Like brides, some guests are inspired by romantic love to choose their outfits. Dresses with voluminous skirts and cinched waists are part of a retro trend for sweet guests with a sexy twist. Giant bows, pastel colors, light and flowy fabrics , Victorian collars, puffed sleeves are some of the elements with soft and elegant shapes for the most romantic guests.

Graduation Day Dresses

For graduations that take place during the day or in the afternoon, the ideal is to use a cocktail-type suit, in light colors and with low-gloss fabrics. 

As the party is an occasion of great joy and excitement, the recommendation is to choose models of dresses that convey vitality, simplicity and elegance at the same time. Your dress is also a way to express and highlight your best qualities. 

Always opt for simplicity: choose dresses of the season in tones that highlight your natural beauty and accessories that go according to your style, in this way you will look better in your dress.

Remember that the most important thing when choosing your long cocktail dress is to be clear about the characteristics that best suit the occasion and, of course, avoid using white at all costs, since it should only be present in the dress bride .

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