How to Engage Word Building with your Child

Engage Word Building with your Child

No children like to learn words that lack fun and interaction! It disengages kids in learning word building. The importance of building words is the early learning for young kids to build new phrases without becoming bored and gives the initial stage to speak before joining the school. Early speaking allows your child to show enthusiasm in picking up new terms and boost confidence easily. 

Since learning phrases are essential in early learning education, there are various ways to teach your child how to build words without losing interest. You are on the right page if your child has trouble creating new and existing phrases. These strategies of word building will help your child to boost confidence and enhance further learning in speaking, reading, and writing in the coming stages. Also, your child will expose to new terms that will be helpful in advanced education. 

Involve a conversation with your Child 

Involving a conversation with your child is one of the most fantastic solutions to engage in creating words. Once children learn new words, they will quickly pick up new ones, especially three letter words for kids. It will help to engage better word building without boredom and aids in enhancing different communication skills. To involve word creation is to have a conversation with your child to improve reading and speaking skills. It will help to learn how to say that particular phrase correctly. Learning new terms will ensure fluent pronunciation if your child has trouble speaking. 

CVC 3 Letter Words 

CVC 3 Letter Words

The growing use of educational apps has made it easier for parents and kids to learn the combination of vowels and consonants on the go. The app provides accessibility and convenience that helps your child to improve word building quickly. The word creation app consists of 14 categories and 84 words to build a mixture of vowels and consonants for a fun learning routine. It will develop your child’s confidence in picking up terms and has studio-quality voiceover for accurate pronunciation. It helps to teach your child how to pronounce certain words correctly. The high-quality images and animation boost engagement and promote phonetic learning. 

Use magnetic letters 

Magnetic letters are one of the best solutions to create CVC three letter words where your child will enjoy messing around with the alphabet to form a word. Since kids love to make a mess with magnets, lowercase letters are the most recommended by teachers and educators. To boost learning engagement with your child, purchase magnetic letters and place them on your fridge. Then let them play around with letters to form a word. The more your child builds new terms, the easier it is to remember the phrase. 

Encourage a reading routine 

Reading is one of the earliest skills that help your child to involve illustrations and images to enjoy reading. To encourage you to read with your child is to see what happens in the text and pictures and show enthusiasm. It will allow your child to grasp new words and helps to enhance writing skills. Once your children learn to read, they will remember how to create terms and expose to more fabulous phrases in their surroundings. To build more confidence in word creation, make your child a habit of reading as a daily routine. The more your child reads, the quicker they are to pick up phrases. 

Play different word-creating activities

Children love to play and are involved in different wording activities. Word-creating games such as Scrabble, Crossword, Word Search, Word Blocks, and many more. These are the best games to increase engagement. If your child loves to guess a word, playing Hangman is one of the best activities to engage and build better words. Play different games and activities to enhance reading, writing, and social skills to boost word-making. It will aid for greater competition between family members and siblings to beat one another for healthy relationship. 

Use letter flashcards App

letter flashcards App

Letter flashcards are the easiest way to encourage your child to build vowels and consonants to form a word. Using flashcards helps to enhance memory and enables them to remember how the word is spelled. Attractive images increase engagement and recall the appearance of the phrase. When purchasing flashcards, be sure the pictures are real-life photos rather than illustrations. It will make it easier to remember their surroundings. 

To go for digital flashcards, you can check out alphabet flash cards app for better accessibility and convenience. The app has interactive animations to boost user engagement to ace pronunciation and memorize words quickly. Once your child remembers the alphabet, they will find it easier to recall the vowels and consonants and gains confidence in creating terms. 

Visit the Library 

There could not be a better place to pick up and create words than heading to the library. The library is an incredible place to teach your child to engage in word building. It helps to pick up words and learn how the sentences are structured to increase reading and writing skills. To help your child create terms, take your child to the library and find those books that meet your child’s preferences. It will encourage your child in the type of book your kid likes to read rather than forcing them to read that specific book. Also, it will benefit your child to choose the book they are comfortable reading and expand other vocab. 

Wrap Up 

Building words at an early age requires engagement and interaction to keep children building reading, social, and writing skills. The crucial stage of word building can lose interest in which these strategies help kids to enjoy learning new words on the go. Once your child learns to create words within these strategies, they will not lose interest or disengage from learning. The more your child learns and engages in new phrases, the more they experience using them in their reading, writing, and social skills.

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