ENVIRONMENT: It’s Not Just About the Planet

The environment refers to the world around us and the natural resources that are so integral to our daily lives, such as water, clean air and good soil. Environmental issues affect each and every one of us in some way, whether it’s the quality of our drinking water or the price of gas at the pump. This article will explore some major issues facing our environment today, what’s right about them and what we can do about them.

6 Reasons Why You Should Care About the Environment

The benefits of a healthy environment are often called into question by big businesses and political leaders, but there is solid evidence to support that keeping our planet clean isn’t just about money or power – it’s about your health. Here are six reasons why every individual should care about keeping our world clean, green and healthy for generations to come.

1. Clean air makes you healthier Studies have shown that smog-filled air can lead to heart disease and lung problems in people who live in areas with high pollution levels.

2. Reducing waste helps you lose weight When we waste less, it means we have access to more of our natural resources – including fresh food and water, not to mention energy resources like oil.

We’re all in this together

The same goes for our ENVIRONMENT i initiative. This is not a program that will demand hours of your time, require you to work with people you don’t know, or even ask that you invest your money in marketing and promotional campaigns. The reason is simple: Our goal isn’t just to have an effect on our environment; it’s to have an effect on everyone who comes in contact with us.

Because it’s our job

If you’re doing your job right, you should be able to describe what it is that you do at a high level (hint: it doesn’t involve making coffee or bagging groceries). If you can’t, take a step back and ask yourself if your role and responsibilities are as valuable as you’d like them to be. With that being said, don’t rule out looking for a new job simply because your given take business boss has poor leadership skills or because the company culture has deteriorated over time. Identify something about your work environment that makes it challenging for you to perform at your best; then explain how having an ENVIRONMENT-like product in place would help solve these problems.

Because you’ll look good doing it

The main attraction to a greener lifestyle is obviously environmental benefits. However, there are lots of other upsides as well. People who adopt green practices have been shown to have better self-images, lower stress levels and even fewer colds. Also, every time you do something green – whether it’s changing your light bulbs or recycling your garbage – you get to pat yourself on the back for doing something good for Earth. A little self-love goes a long way! ENVIRONMENT i takes these everyday activities that make you feel good and gives them an added benefit by showing you how they can help clean up our planet. What’s not to like about that? Remember, ENVIRONMENT i isn’t just about saving trees and polar bears; it’s also about saving money, being healthier and feeling great. Now go ahead — pick up that recycle bin and get ready for a world where living sustainably doesn’t mean making sacrifices but rather finding smart solutions to save energy, reduce waste and improve health while also protecting our environment. Together we can do more than we think.

Because you can do your bit without giving up anything

ENVIRONMENT i is a revolutionary water-filter that delivers on its promise of clean, pure and great-tasting water. Removing 99.9999% of all impurities from your tap water and making it better than bottled water! Our filter gives you great tasting, refreshing tap water every time you turn on your tap – no more buying bottles of expensive bottled water anymore! So, if you’re tired of spending money on small plastic bottles full of bad taste, be sure to check out ENVIRONMENT i today! We guarantee that after trying out our product for just 1 week, you will absolutely love it and won’t ever want to go back to drinking bad tasting or unhealthy bottled/tap water again.

So, you can afford that holiday

The ENVIRONMENT app provides a breakdown of your personal carbon emissions and shows you what your climate footprint would be if you took a break. Once you have all that information, it’s time to take action and plan for your holiday. If you opt for a holiday in Europe and fly with budget airlines or drive instead of flying, you can reduce your carbon emissions by approximately 50 percent. You can also offset those emissions by purchasing carbon credits from an agency like Native Energy. For example, 2 million credits offsets 1 ton of CO2 emissions at $5 per credit.

Because we all deserve a clean environment!

A clean, healthy environment is something that we all need and deserve. Our air should be free of pollution, our bodies free of chemicals, and our soil free of contaminants. Fortunately for us, ENVIRONMENT is on a mission to help you live healthier and safer. By offering you cutting edge products to detect even trace amounts of chemicals in your food, water, or air – they’re helping to keep you and your family safe. If that isn’t enough reason to get excited about them – maybe their dedication to getting rid of single use plastics will be! Check out what they have planned below.

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