Five Amazing Facts about Trade Shows and Exhibitions

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Trade shows are gaining popularity day-to-day. These are a fantastic way of generating new business. Brands are relying on trade shows, exhibitions and events to showcase their new product. Along with product launching, brands also get brand awareness, marketing, social media marketing. People are also getting more and more attracted towards events like trade fairs, expos, exhibitions stand UAE and many more.

Furthermore, trade shows provide the opportunity to interact face-to-face with visitors. Exhibitors use tradeshows and expos to gain more leads, close more sales, generate revenue and have a better understand of their target market. They have been an important sales and marketing tool for centuries. They also allow businesses to demonstrate their products, spread knowledge and talk about latest industry trends.

More and more industries are getting attracted towards exhibiting their brand in trade shows and exhibition stand builder due to the above mentioned benefits. The trade show industry is setting new trends every day and is getting higher and higher. Current statistics are the proof of this trending marketing tool.

We present you the 5 interesting facts that will illustrate the importance of trade shows and may even encourage you to participate in the next trade fair.

88% of exhibitors attend trade shows to increase awareness about their brand and company.

A trade fair is a perfect venue to increase the reach of your brand and discover new markets. Trade shows make you to take the name of your brand out there while focusing on a large audience attending the shows. This statistic is enough to make you understand the effect of trade shows on companies.

Around 72% of exhibitor’s main goal is to widen their network and get new clients.

The main purpose of tradeshows and expos is to acquire new leads and clients. This directly generate business for the exhibitor. Expos and trade shows offer an amazing chance to explore new possibilities for the businesses which is vital for success in the future.

81% of attendees are potential customers with buying authority.

Attendees always expect something new and exciting while attending any tradeshow or expo. A large number of visitors are potential customers. This provides exhibitors the perfect opportunity to launch new products and meet the target audience.

71% of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) won business using face-to-face networking.

Trade shows are proving quite helpful not only for the large scale industries but also for the small scale and medium sized industries. SMEs does not have the budget for brand promotion and networking. They rely on trade shows for this and gain results too.

81% of exhibitors use email to follow up their trade show leads.

Doing a follow up with the generated leads is a crucial factor in any business. A large number of exhibitors use email to do follow-up on their generated leads during a tradeshow. Other popular methods to do a follow-up are calling leads and contacting using social media.

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81% of exhibitors use email to follow up their trade show leads.

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