Five Tips for Using Steel Drums

Five Tips for Using Steel Drums

Industrial packaging made of steel drums is one of the most frequently used types of industrial packaging. Hardwearing, robust, and extremely adaptable, they’re utilized by a wide range of businesses and industries.

Steel drums are frequently utilized to store and move chemicals, fuel, oil, lubricants, food, drink, and even hazardous waste. They’re popular in the travel and logistics industries as well as the culinary industry.

If you’re looking for ways to get the most out of your steel drums, keep reading since we’ve compiled a list of our top five recommendations for using steel drums responsibly.

Drum Handling Safety

When full, standard-sized 210-litre steel drums can weigh hundreds of pounds. Because of this, anyone who handles them should do so carefully.

Here are our top suggestions for steel drum handling:

  • Wear safety boots, hard hats, and hi-vis clothing if necessary.
  • Before handling steel drums, check for any damage or leaks.
  • Don’t try to move steel drums by yourself.
  • A thorough health and safety examination of the drum handling and storage space is required.

Employee safety is of the utmost importance, which is why manufacturers and retailers should educate employees on safe operation. Employees must be trained in sensible handling techniques and made aware of any health or safety hazards.

Securing Steel Drums

To prevent accidents, heavy, fully loaded steel drums must be handled and stored carefully.

Drums are frequently stored and transported in bulk. The most effective technique is to stack steel drums on wooden pallets, making sure they don’t overhang the pallet, and then tying or caging them with plastic wrap, ropes, ties, or cables. Steel drums should be inspected for damage and properly sealed before this happens.

Steel drums should always be kept beneath cover when not in use. They should, where feasible, be kept indoors and secured with dust and moisture covers to protect the items within from damage.

Steel drums should be kept in a waterproof covering and taken out of direct sunshine if stored outside. For outdoor storage, a UV cover may help protect items and the drum itself.

Transporting Steel Drums

Steel drums are difficult to handle when empty since they weigh about 20 kg. Moving them by hand may result in harm, like steel drums weight around 20 kg even when empty. Steel drums should always be handled using suitable mechanical equipment to ensure their safe passage.

Steel drums can be easily moved by a forklift or trolley with a drum bed. When transported in bulk, steel drums may be stacked on pallets and shipped or stored in shipping containers, lorries, freight containers, and aircraft.

Always be fully educated and, where required, licensed to operate industrial machinery.

Reusing Steel Drums

Steel is a recyclable building material that may be reused many times. In this regard, they save businesses money while being environmentally beneficial.

When repurposing steel drums, there are a few simple steps to follow:

  • Use steel drums to store items with similar characteristics only. Cross-contamination can be reduced by keeping different things in separate containers.
  • Steel drums that have been used should be cleaned and disinfected before being reused.
  • Don’t reuse a steel drum that has previously been used to store chemicals or anything harmful to human health.
  • Examine steel drums for damage or contamination before reusing them.

Disposing of Steel Drums

Steel drums have a long life expectancy, and if properly maintained and examined regularly, they can often endure for 20 years or more.

Certain materials must, nevertheless, be discarded at some point. They should be taken to a recycling facility if they can’t be repaired or restored.

Steel drums that have outlived their usefulness should not be disposed of in landfills. They may also be deconstructed and rebuilt as new drums or items, extending the life of the humble steel drum while also conserving energy and resources.

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