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How to use customised version of GB Whatsapp with updated features 

FM Whatsapp APK is an enhanced version of Whatsapp. It has many powerful and unique features that aren’t available on the official Whatsapp. This Whatsapp includes the hide/freeze feature for last seen, hide blue ticks and many other features. Later, we’ll talk about the features of this FM Whatsapp Download app.

FM Whatsapp, a modified WhatsApp that is closely linked to Fouad Whatsapp, is FM Whatsapp. Fouad Mokdad developed it. This Whatsapp offers more security and customization options than any other Whatsapp. This Whatsapp allows you to change the interface.

This Whatsapp app also offers privacy features like hiding/freezing last sight, locking Whatsapp conversations, and many more. The latest FMWhatsapp app can be downloaded by clicking the download button.

Features of FM Whatsapp APK

Anti Ban

FM Whatsapp’s latest version includes an anti-ban function that protects your account from being banned. Anti-ban features will protect your account from being banned.

Frozen/Hide the Last Seen

This Whatsapp apk allows you to hide and freeze your last sight using the previous function. You can also freeze your last sight offline and show it online. This allows you to ignore multiple people at once. This feature can be enabled from FM Whatsapp’s settings. Once you have enabled this feature, restart Whatsapp.

Lock Whatsapp Chats

This apk allows you to hide and lock Whatsapp chats. This apk allows you to lock a chat using a specific pin or pattern. Your app can lock a Whatsapp chat so that no one can access it without you unlocking it. This Whatsapp feature will make you a more secure user.

Hide Status View

You can also use this Whatsapp to enable the hide online status viewing feature. This feature allows you to view statuses from your Whatsapp friends, without them even knowing. This feature will hide you from the status viewer list. Anti-delete status access is granted to your contacts. You can view it if they have been removed.

Status Downloader

The apk also includes a status downloader that allows you to download Whatsapp statuses directly into your gallery. This apk does not require any third-party Whatsapp Status Downloader app.

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Anti Revoke Message

You can also view deleted Whatsapp messages. This Whatsapp anti-revoke messaging feature allows you to view deleted messages from everyone. This powerful feature allows you to reply to a particular deleted message by simply selecting it. This anti-delete message trick will allow you to impress your family and friends by showing them the deleted messages.

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Anti Status Delete

It also has an anti-status delete function. You can view deleted statuses on Whatsapp. You can view the deleted statuses and also reply to them. You can also access the anti-status delete or status downloader features to download deleted statuses from your phone’s gallery.

After Reply, Blue Ticks

This Whatsapp apk also includes the bluetick after reply function. This feature allows you to read the messages of your friends without them knowing. The blue ticks will disappear until you reply to the conversation. This allows you to ignore any person without them even knowing.

Custom Call Privacy

You can also use Whatsapp to customize your call privacy. You can now control who can call you. You have complete control over all incoming calls with this Whatsapp. Now, nobody can disturb you if you select custom privacy.


This Whatsapp can be customized in many ways. You can now customize the entire interface of Whatsapp. You can add photos to the background of Whatsapp’s entire interface. This Whatsapp page allows you to set up custom styling for Whatsapp chats.

You can also download a collection of 150+ themes and add them to Whatsapp. This Whatsapp allows you to add custom emojis and bubbles as well as blueticks and gifs. This Whatsapp is one of the most customizable Whatsapps out there.

How do I download the latest FM Whatsapp version?

This guide will show you how to download and install FMWhatsapp for Android devices.

  • Wait a few seconds before clicking on the Download button.
  • The download will start in a few moments.
  • Allow the download to finish for a few seconds.
  • This is all you need to do to get the FMWhatsapp apk file.
  • Steps to Install FM Whatsapp
  • Open the settings menu and enable unknown sources.
  • Go to the Download folder and click on FMWhatsapp.apk
  • Click on the Install button.
  • It will only take a few minutes for the installation to be complete.
  • After downloading the app. After installing the app, open it and create a Whatsapp Account

Important Note: Download GB Whatsapp Latest version

Last words

Fm Whatsapp has tons of great features. You also have greater control over your privacy. To ensure that your data is secure, this app takes extra measures to protect it. However, you should always ensure that your official WhatsApp number has not been used by it in order to avoid any bans.

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