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Kapil Heera Academy is an institution in Delhi providing training in digital marketing, cloud computing, business analytics and ethical hacking. The main goal of the institution is to update the students with the latest technology available. It will help them to set up their career and achieve success. Students with naturally curious minds are approaching us to get knowledge on a wide range of subjects. Kapil Heera is the founder of the Kapil Heera Academy, is a professional blogger who holds experience in writing on the subjects such as digital marketing, cyber security, cloud computing and business analytics.

List of Courses Provided at the Kapil Heera Academy 

  • Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing is among the prominent techniques, which helps an individual to grow in their career. It includes the following topics such as search engine marketing, eCommerce marketing, CMS system, social media marketing, content marketing, advanced SEO, blog marketing, Google Adsense, online make money, affiliate marketing and mobile marketing. A student enrolling at the Kapil Heera Academy will get knowledge of all these contents. It will help them to secure decent jobs in the future. 
  • Stock Marketing Course: Stock marketing is the place where buying and selling of stocks take place. It is safe to start investing in the Indian stock markets. The people involved in the investments should know regarding it. The stock marketing course of Kapil Heera Academy has been designed accordingly. It considers the requirements that students should know regarding it. Investors should know how to decide to buy and sell the stocks of a particular company. Our mentors would guide the students regarding it so they can make investment decisions carefully in the future. Invest in the correct stocks of the companies in the stock market. 
  • Data analytics: Data analytics is a recent invention, but you should know of it to grow in the future. It helps the organizations and individuals make sense of the data available for them for analytics purposes. There is a high demand for data analytics jobs in the future. The salary of the individuals will go to the line up to $70K for the junior positions. The senior level of professionals in the data analytics profession will get more than $100K. You can get such high salaries only when you have proper knowledge about data analytics. Join the Kapil Heera Academy for the batches of the data analytics course. 
  • Cloud Computing Course: Cloud computing Course is the best course to raise your bar as an IT professional. You can grow and boost your career by getting decent jobs with the knowledge of cloud computing courses. Teachers of the Kapil Heera Academy will guide you about the basics of the cloud-computing course. You can get a deep understanding of it. Enroll on Kapil Heera Academy cloud computing course to better understand the latest technology that will strengthen your resume to get the top job positions in multinational companies. IT professionals can boost their careers by learning cloud computing skills in our reputed institution in Delhi. 

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