Global Businesses and the need for Voice-overs

need for Voice-overs

Voice overs are now an inseparable part of marketing and advertising for businesses around the globe. Every successful business has a distinctive voice with which it is identified AKA the brand voice and need for Voice-overs. Voice-overs have been utilized by companies in multiple types of videos to promote their brand.

For instance, if it’s an animation explainer a niche-specific and professional animation voiceover artist is employed to voice the narratives and deliver the message effectively. More than 70% of people buy or hire services after watching a video or an ad about the same. Since videos are the most impactful way of connecting customers nowadays, voice-overs for the videos are becoming more and more crucial. Businesses putting in efforts to accompany their videos with great voice-overs as it creates more impact and provides a better brand recall. For that niche expert and professional voice-overs are being hunted by the corporates.

But why the need for Voice-overs?

Because –

  • Credibility – Corporate or businesses around the world does not actually need the voice of celebrities or big stars to add to their credibility. They need a robust, experienced, and professional voice-over artist, usually hired from a professional voice-over agency. These professionals use their craft expertise and experiences to deliver authoritative yet polite and captivating voice-overs.   
  • Provide Boost – Professional voice-over artists spend months and years training for mastery of the craft. They inculcate the ability to make your business messages sound interesting to your audience and keep them engaged. Hence, boosts your impact by creating an easier understanding and better engagement.
  • Better Online Visibility – Videos are shared a lot more than texts and other messages, but a great video is shared 1200% more. A great business video comprises nice visuals with quality music and clear & precise voiceovers. Redundant or unfocussed voice-over or sounds reduce the quality and impact of the video along with consumers’ interests in the brand.
  • Greater CTA – Of course, voice-overs add to the credibility of your business and an extra coating of reliability. Professional voice-over artists know how, when and which words of the script to put emphasis on to humanize or personate your brand and make the CTA sound like a genuine invitation to know more about something interesting.

Now when dealing with global perspective voice-overs do more things adding to the above-mentioned list.

  • Recognizing the Cultural Aspects – Merely translating and voicing the script won’t work, as many top CEOs think they can voice-over, it is not just reading words and phrases to a mic. Professional voice-overs give your business a native touch in a new market by knowing how to speak and where to emphasize on and save your brand from either being a mockery or being offensive.
  • Creating Connections – The flow of the voice, tone, pitch, etc., has an impact on how the audience would feel receiving the message. Professional voice-overs put in every effort to grab audiences’ attention and strike the right emotional chords. This makes the voice become representative of your brand. Also, a business logo or an image can not quickly say everything, hence voiceovers help you with that.  
  • Keeps Audience Engaged – Businesses use ad videos the most for various marketing purposes. Now an effective ad video needs a professional advertisement voice-over to keep the audience interested and engaged with the video. A good ad voice-over not only holds the audience’s interest but also drives and navigates the ad video.  

Well, businesses globally are gradually getting the grasp of the fact that including professional voice-overs not just enhances their video quality but also adds to the brand credibility and delivers brand messages more convincingly. Many organizations are investing in professional voice-overs not only to create connections with the audience but also to communicate with them and the employees. A lot of global companies use multilingual training programs in native language voiceovers of their employees to train them better and quicker. 

Businesses and brands across the world use different types of voice-over styles to intrigue their audience about their brand. But be it any style a voice-over by Voyzapp’s professional voice artists would always make your brand stand apart.  For global businesses, voice-overs are now one of the key methods to stay ahead of rivals and competitors. So, get your business a strong, professional, and diverse voice-over agency that could provide the best voices in multiple languages and styles. 

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