GMAT or GRE – Which is Easier?

GMAT or GRE - Which is Easier?

If you’re confused between the GMAT or GRE and are not sure which of the two standard tests fits your higher education goals, then read this article to get a better understanding of the similarities and differences between the GMAT and GRE. In this article, we’ll cover the scope of both the entrance tests, how they differ from each other, what is easier GMAT or GRE? Also, we will tell you about the GRE to GMAT conversion tool. So read on!

What Are the Similarities and Differences Between the GMAT And GRE? 

While both the GMAT and GRE are standardized tests used globally by business schools and universities for admissions to their master’s program, both tests serve different purposes, and each of the two appeals to a different set of test-takers.

The GMAT – Graduate Management Admissions Test – is a computer-adaptive standardized test conducted by GMAC globally. Accepted by over 2300 business schools and nearly 7000 master’s programs pertaining to business and management, the GMAT is a go-to standard test for most students aspiring to study a master’s in the field of business and management. The GMAT is divided into four sections – analytical writing assessment, integrated reasoning, quantitative and verbal reasoning – and is 3 hours and 7 minutes long. The exam is scored in a range of 200-800. The purpose of the GMAT exam is to gauge your critical thinking, logical reasoning, analytical writing and problem-solving skills which are essential to succeed in a management program.

The GRE – Graduate Record Exam – on the other hand, is conducted by ETS globally and is accepted by universities for admissions purposes to their master’s and Ph.D. programs pertaining to arts, science and business. Divided into 3 sections, the GRE is a section-adaptive test and is scored on a scale of 260-340. Furthermore, the exam lasts for 3 hours and 45 minutes, making it slightly longer than its counterpart – the GMAT.

Moreover, a key difference between the two tests is that while both the GMAT and GRE require you to be proficient with the concepts of math and English grammar, the GMAT gauges your ability to use your knowledge of the concepts — of both these subjects — to solve complex problems and arrive at the right answer. The GRE on the other hand, gauges your depth of familiarity with the concepts of mathematics and English Grammar.

Besides, the GMAT is a computer-adaptive test and the GRE is a section-adaptive test. This means that for the GMAT exam, the difficulty level of questions ((verbal and quant) changes depending on how you answer the previous question. On the other hand, the first section of verbal and quant of the GRE exam will be of moderate difficulty. Depending on your performance in the first section, you will get either an easier, medium or difficult second section of quant and verbal.

The table below summarises the key differences between the two tests:

Time3 hours and 7 minutes3 hours and 45 minutes
PurposeGauging your ability to solve complex problems using basic concepts of maths and English grammarGauges your familiarity over the concepts of maths and English grammar.
AcceptanceMaster programmes in business and managementMasters and PhD programmes in arts, science and business
Fee$250$213 (India)

What is Easier GMAT or GRE?

Now that we have understood the key differences and similarities between the GMAT and GRE tests, we can answer the question — what is easier GMAT or GRE? Simply put, both tests are equally easy as long as you are thorough with the concepts of mathematics and English grammar, and have understood the exam structure, scoring pattern. The exam will seem much easier if you have practiced many sample questions, taken mock tests, etc. 

GRE to GMAT Conversion

If you have taken the GRE test and have decided to study a master’s program that requires GMAT you can easily convert your GRE scores to GMAT by using the GRE to GMAT conversion tool available on ETS’s official website and can apply using the converted scores. Hence, the GRE offers you a great deal of flexibility, when compared to the GMAT, particularly if you’re not sure of the stream you wish to pursue your master’s in.

Now that we have provided you with a detailed understanding of both the GRE and GMAT tests, you’re better positioned to make the right choice between the GRE or GMAT based on what suits your higher education goals.

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