Halloween 2021: Tips and Tricks to Create a Vampire Look

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Halloween is just around the corner and it is high time you plan and buy stuff that you need to get ready on that day. Halloween, a.k.a. All Hallows’ Eve or All Saints’ Eve is observ-ed in many countries on October 31. While some researchers believe that Halloween and its celebrations are inspir-ed by the ancient Celtic harvest festivals, others believe that it is solely a Christian holiday since it is celebrat-ed on the eve of the feast of All Hallow’s Day. 

The Halloween activities include trick or treating, attending Halloween costume parties, lighting bonfires, making jack-o’-lanterns, cooking some specific dishes on this day, and enjoying with friends and family. 

Getting dress ed up and attending costume parties is one of the most interesting parts of this day. Why not dress up as a vampire this year? A noticeable vampire look can be accomplish ed easily. By making a few wardrobe alterations and additions, and basic goth makeup, one can create this look with ease. 

Upgrade your wardrobe to a Vampire one

Victorian-Style Black Clothes

If you are a gothic follower, creating a vampire look is nothing difficult for you. It is a typical goth style with a twist. Both gothic and Vampire groups wear dark or black clothes, yet the Vampire looks have romantic undertones. Victorian-style clothing like a gothic jacket for women, gothic blouses, long-sleeved ruffled shirts, corsets, long skirts, velvet frock coats, goth trousers, cloaks, and vests. A smart gothic cape is a must to create a Vampire look.

Vintage jewellery 

A vampire is hundreds and thousands of years old. So, the jewellery they adorn themselves with should look and feel vintage. Online Gothic stores specialising in Gothic and vintage clothing and accessories, and also some thrift stores stock lockets, brooches, pocket watches, accessories made of lace and leather, and other vintage jewellery to create the look you’re looking forward to.

Get a pair of black books that looks vintage

Try to get your hands onto a pair of boots, which goes up to at least your mid-calf, and should not go past your knee. Plain, black leather boots work fine but if you find the buckled ones that have spikes or other ornamentations, definitely go for those. A pair of vintage boots look great with Goth trousers and ruffled gothic blouses.

What about the makeup and hair?

Get a good-quality foundation that is at least 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone. Apply the foundation evenly using a blender, and dust white powder to set it, and give your base a sheen. Apply the powder lightly. You can also apply powder to the exposed areas of your body to give it an even tone.

After you are done with the base, sculpt your look using the method of contouring. Use a bronzer or a darker blush to contour the bony areas of your face, and blend it well. This will help you to define your look just as most vampires you see on the television or in movies.

You can opt for the heavy kohl-lined eyes or can settle for the smoky eyes. What about the classic and vintage winged eyes? Well, that can be an option too. Apply a dark eyeshadow on the eyelids and define your eyes well. Accentuate your pale makeup with bright red or dark red/maroon lipstick. You can even skip the lipstick and go for pale base makeup and heavy, dramatic eye makeup.

Long nails with dark nail paints are a favourite of Vampire goths. The nail paints need not be black always but can be of any dark shade like a dark green, maroon, navy blue, or violet. 

Long, dark hair is preferr ed irrespective of the sexes. Keep it open or tie it low with a ribbon, that’s your call. For women, braiding your long hair into pigtails and securing them with pins at the crown also works great. How you want to have your final look, you want to keep it simple or dramatic, depends upon you. There are no such hard and fast rules that you must follow except the gothic cape. It so much reminds us of vampires that people will easily be able to recognise the character that you are dress ed up as.

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