Healthcare HR: A Complete Solution

Healthcare HR A Complete Solution

The healthcare sector has very specialised HR needs; working with people demands a lot from care-givers and if you run a healthcare business, HR can take up most of your resources and even then, it could leave a lot to be desired. An unhappy workforce is never going to be a good thing, especially in this sector and if you seek out the services of a sector specific recruitment company, you will have no HR worries.

Mental Health Professionals

The mental health sector requires a special breed of person, someone who is not only qualified and screened, a person who wishes to give back to society.

Here are a few positions you might need to fill:

  • Physical therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational therapist
  • Counsellor

The sector specific recruitment agency has top professionals on their books, people that are looking for new employment possibilities and those who are happy at their place of work but wish to be notified when openings arise.

Social Care

This includes working with the elderly, disabled and vulnerable adults and carers need to be carefully screened for obvious reasons. The agency takes your requirements and matches applicants in their considerable database, which usually leads to successful candidates and a happy employer.

Here are a few positions covered in social care:

  • Disability support
  • Youth counselling
  • Residential support worker
  • Team leader

When hiring, it is essential that all candidates are screened and are suitable for this type of work and when you use a reputable agency that works in healthcare, you can be sure of qualified and experienced candidates. Here are some herbs that are said to improve mental health.

Temporary Cover

Every healthcare business has to cover for staff annual leave and sickness and this can become a headache if you haven’t got someone looking at the next 3-6 months to plan for temp staff. Of course, the more people in your employment, the more complex leave scheduling is and joining forces with a local recruitment agency is the smart thing to do.

Dealing with One Person

When you are working with a recruitment agency, you are assigned a manager whose job it is to liaise with you regarding every aspect of your HR needs.

Interview Shortlist

As an employer, when looking to fill a position, you want a shortlist of suitable candidates to interview and that’s precisely what you get when you use the services of a leading Australian recruitment agency that works in the healthcare sector. If you would like the agency to conduct interviews, they have skilled people and can brief you on each applicant and make recommendations.

Running a care home takes a lot of careful planning and with an established healthcare recruitment agency in your corner, your business will enjoy the many benefits of having staff that go the extra mile.

Here is some information on government support programs that are available, and every little helps. When your HR needs are managed by a 3rd party provider, you can focus on giving the best possible care to all of your patients.

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