How A Single Stripe Of Blonde Hair Streaks Changed Everything

How A Single Stripe Of Blonde Hair Streaks Changed Everything

If you want to change your color but don’t want to make a big change, hairstreaks can be the style you didn’t know you wanted. Hairstreaks can be striking if you choose a bright color and a forceful style or be more relaxed. That’s the beauty of this look: you can personalize your highlights in whatever way you desire! Hair extensions make Hair Streaks so much easier and fast. Add in clip-in Hair streaks for an instant streaked hair look. Uniformity is not the way to go. Streaks are back in trend, and they bring a lot of intrigue to hairstyles right now. Many women enjoy streaking their hair because it is easy to brighten and improve their hair color.

The Credit Of Hair Streaks Goes To

The trend’s success can be attributed to Beyoncé, who experimented with the bleached-front look last year. Dua Lipa, on the other hand, really got the ball going when she graced the Grammys red carpet in a stunning contrast-dye look. Now we can see many women following the trend and flaunting these highlights. 

Many women are obsessed with hair streaks right now, so here is a compiled gallery of inspirational ideas ranging from the subtly subtle to the edgy and flamboyant. If you’re looking for how to dye streaks in hair, consider having your colorist assist you in achieving this look, as it can be difficult to do!

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Hair Streaks: A Classic Style Revival in 2021

Continue reading to find the style that best suits you and how a single strip of color can change your hair and look.

Caramel Highlights

Highlights in caramel color

This collection of streaks on hair with bright caramel highlights is a dream come true. For this highlighted effect, the thicker, the better. Add it to your layered hair and see how good your hair looks.

Fun Pink Streaks

Have fun with pink streaks in your hair

Why not add some gorgeous pink streaks to your look? This look is ideal for individuals who don’t want to go all-in on pink but still stand out in a crowd.

Colorful Box Braid Streaks

Colorful streaks of box braid hair 

You have all the color possibilities in the world for box braid wearers! We’re crazy about this look, which blends black braid extensions with a few vivid, cobalt blue strands.

Icy Highlights

Cool look in your hair with icy highlights

With this ’90s-inspired look, go for an icy contrast. These frosty tones were popular in the 1990s and are making a resurgence now. Add in icy highlights in your layered hair for a more dramatic look.

Sea Green Streaky Ombre

Green streak ombre hair

This design, which combines beachy curls and sea green streaks, gives us major mermaid hair goals. If you have a beautiful hue like this, you’ll want to protect it when you go to the beach!

Blonde Dimension

Subtle blonde streaks for a natural look

Consider tiny streaks for a subtle hint of dimension! This look is modest and stylish, allowing you to participate in the hairstreaks trend without making your strands too “out there.”

Thick Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Try strong strawberry blonde streaks to add dimension to light brown hair. We adore this color since it isn’t exactly auburn, rose gold, or ginger. Instead, its bright orange color provides warmth and complexity to your ensemble. When choosing this brilliant hue, make sure to consult with a seasoned colorist to ensure you get the precise color you want.

Thick Blonde Bangs

Thick bangs in blonde hair streaks

This look is less streaky and more akin to a color-block hairstyle. Adding blonde streaks throughout will help to give a more blended overall look.

Rooted Streaks

Streaks from the root

Choose a more natural streaked style by stretching your roots into matching measured streaks. What are the outcomes? A streaking look that is natural. Imitate this texture on your strands by running your favorite Curls Defining Mousse through your damp hair. Whether you prefer a funkier or more natural style, the hairstreaks trend is worth a shot!

Soft Blonde

Soft streaks of blonde hair

This gentler blend of streaks and highlights is excellent for a more subtle look. Consider this if you want to alter up your hairstyle but don’t want to go too far.

Subtle Chocolate Mauve Hair

Subtle chocolatey streak hair

How lovely (yet understated) are these chocolate mauve streaks? Last year, we had a love eye-emoji moment with chocolate mauve hair streaks, and we’re feeling it again right now! Make an appointment with your colorist to ensure you get the proper shade.

Mid-Level Blonde

Mid level blonde hair color

This rooted style makes a statement while remaining true to natural hair color. We love how the darker roots contrast with the lighter streaks.

Under Hair Dye: Hidden Rainbow Streaks

Hidden rainbow colors in your hair

If you work in an industry that frowns on brightly colored hair, try exploring this subtle color fashion. It is essentially a combination of numerous colored highlights hiding at the back of your hair. Turn heads at your leisure with this hidden color style.

Peekaboo Blonde Highlights

Hidden blonde streaks of hair

If you want to go for a few specific highlights, we recommend peekaboo highlights! These hairstreaks are grouped around your face, but they only show up when your hair is styled in certain ways. We think it’s crucial to feather the top of the highlights to frame your face, as with other delicate highlight styles.

Blue Hair Streaks

Bright blue streaks

Blue hair is one of our all-time favorite hair color trends. If you don’t want to dye your entire head of hair blue, hair color streaks can be a fun alternative to consider. Just make an effort to work an extra day or two between hair washing. This extra time will ensure that your color remains vivid and saturated. Use dry shampoo to refresh it, when you don’t have time to wash your hair. This dry shampoo will absorb grease without affecting your new hair color!

Ombré Highlights

Vibrant colors of ombre streaks

To join in the ombre hair trend, you do not have to bleach all of your ends. We adore this style of properly placed highlights that will elegantly emphasize your hair and features.

Two-Toned Streaks

Two toned streaks

Isn’t this two-toned look cool? With a focus on pastel colors, this trendy color-block design is ideal for those prepared to go the additional mile for something special. This is a high-maintenance hue, so make sure you’re using a moisturizing and color-protecting mask.

Tiny Multi-Colored Streaks

Multi colored tiny streaked hair

How cute are these little streaks on this length of hair? You may achieve a dramatic effect with hair dye even if you don’t have long hair. These small streaks are the perfect coral pink tint to bring out the depth of your pixie cut and all of its amazing layers.

Blonde Streaks: Highlights and Lowlights

Streaks of blonde highlights

Try a mixed combination of highlights and lowlights for a more natural look. This creates a three-dimensional illusion regardless of the hue you use.

Silver Brown Lowlights

Low light streaks in silver brown

Silver hair, as cool as it is, can be a touch one-dimensional. This is when the silver-brown lowlights come into play! Consider weaving in a silver-brown tint instead of a full color of silver.

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Now that you know how a single strip of blonde hair streaks can amplify your hair and give it a new look. Why not try one for yourself for a change. This technique of hair coloring is a great way to achieve subtle natural highlights in your hair. Another alternative can be adding Clip In Streaks for that pop of color. Enjoy the newfound color of your choice and flaunt highlights like never before. Match your style and personality with these oh-so-stunning hairstreaks and give life to your hair!

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