How Can You Get Discounts While Shopping Online

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When you shop online, you not only save time but money also. There are better chances of finding good deals and discounts online compared to physical stores. That’s why more people now prefer to shop online. If you, too, are tempted to shop online and bag some great discounts, we have compiled a list of some ways you can get a discount or score a deal.

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Talk to Customer Services

Although it may not work always, it is one of the best ways to get a discount. You will easily find someone from customer services as a pop-up appears inquiring if you need help when land on the homepage of the retailer’s site. After you see a representative online, let them know that you are looking for a deal and if any are going on at the moment. Also, ask if the company has the option of providing free shipping.

Discounted Gift Cards

Some people sell discounted gift cards online on sites like eBay. The reason for doing so is that they got them as gifts and want to convert them to cash. Apart from that, there are sites like Card Yard and GiftCardCentre from where people can buy gift cards in the UK.

Price-drop Refunds

It can be quite frustrating to find an item on sale that you just bought at full price the day before. However, some companies are willing to refund you the price difference if you reach out to them in a certain number of days. For example, Amazon. It will issue a refund if you let them know within a week from the delivery.

Use Multiple Email Addresses to Get More Coupons

Some brands and stores send single-use coupons to a particular customer pool. To make it to the VIP list, sign up for the mailing list. See that you use a secondary email address, so your main email account does not get bombarded with such emails.

Moreover, you can use multiple emails accounts and sign up for their newsletter as well. You would get to know about sales announcements and get discount codes right in your inbox.

Leave Items in Your Shopping Cart

Online retailers track your every move. No one likes unclosed deals, so they would try to retain you when they see your cart full of items that you just abandoned. Leave items in the cart and step away for a day or two. See that you are logged into your account. This way, the retailer knows who abandoned the cart. You will see a coupon code in your mailbox a few days later.

Use a Cash-back Website

There is another way to double up your savings and that is through using a coupon code and then paying with a discounted gift card. It is a super way to double-dip on your savings. Moreover, you could even triple-dip by shopping via a cash-back website. The amounts of cashback can be as low as a fraction of percent to even 30% for some sellers. All you need to do is create an account and then click through it to the retailers. Coupon codes & discount website you should follow when shopping.

Once you have bought your desired products, the cashback site will credit your account in a month.

Multiple Coupon Codes

Another way to get discounts is by using multiple coupon codes strategically so you can save more. If the site you are shopping from allows you to mix up different promo codes and coupons while checking out, then why not? However, make sure that you use them in the right order. 

To elaborate further, let’s take an example. Say, you happen to have a promo code for a 15% discount, then a coupon for £10. To avail discount, you have to apply a 15% promo code first. This will first subtract 15% from the full price, and then you can get a further discount with the discount coupon.

Find Websites Offering Bundles & Deals

Last but not the least, certain websites work with different brands and stores and offer excellent discounts and deals. One of the most popular ones is topfdeals, from where you can buy some great items at amazing prices. They have a wide range of products from women’s fashionwear, clothing, and accessories, to men’s clothing & accessories, sportswear, supplements, and other health products. Looking to shop online on a budget in the UK? is your best bet to bag some great discounts and save a lot of money.

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