How Challenging  is to Climb Mount Makalu?

The fifth-highest peak on Earth is Mount Makalu. The magnificent mountain can be found northeast of Mount Everest. It’s frequently compared to the other eight-thousanders and is located close to Mount Everest. Even so, there aren’t many climbers on Makalu. The Makalu climb’s land structure is one of the primary causes. It’s extremely technical.

The facts also demonstrate that fewer people climb this mountain than other Nepalese climbs in the Himalayas. About 500 people have successfully climbed the mountain. There have been about 20 fatalities related to mountain climbing. How challenging is climbing Makalu, then?

The mountaineering community loves Mount Makalu because of its fame and notable height. But climbing the mountain is thought to be very challenging.

The answer to the question, “What is the easiest 8000-meter peak to climb?” will almost certainly not include Mount Maklu. It falls in the list of the 14 eight-thousanders, with a staggering 8485 meters (the 14 mountains above the height of 8000 meters). It is knwon to be one of the most grusome mountains to climb.

The height at which a trail lies typically determines how challenging it is to hike. Additionally, it is based on how long it takes to climb the mountain. Makalu is one of 14 mountain peaks in the world that are higher than 8000 meters. However, Makalu is regarded as one of the eight-thousanders that is the hardest to climb. The road to Makalu is the main deterrent.

You ought to first comprehend the land features of the mountain trail. Only then can you find the solution to Makalu’s expedition difficulty. Chronologically, there are three sections to the road to Makalu. They are :

  1.  the simpler glacier climb on the low slopes
  2.  the infamous pitches and sharp-edged ridges and 
  3. the hazardous ice climbing at the mountain’s summit.

Other than these, Makalu shares many mountain climbing challenges with Everest. Both these peaks bring in dangers of altitude sickness. They both have harsh weater conditions, dangers of accidents, etc. But these common challenges outweigh the trial difficulty of Makalu. 

The Makalu trails are not nearly as crowded as Everest. Moreover, the number of people who have scaled Mount Everest is higher than those who have climbed Mount Makalu. Saying that climbing Makalu is more difficult than Everest would not be a stretch. 

The Makalu expedition was considered dangerous even before the first summit. There were various attempts of mountaineers to Makalu. But they failed because the navigation and the path were very harsh. Since the structure of Makalu is so technical, the scaling of Mount Makalu was not even attempted. It took place only after the successful scale to the Everest summit.

Mountaineers used the Everest expeditions to understand Makalu. The possible journey, navigation, and challenges were made by studying Everest climbs. 

Although both these expeditions are very challenging, you can still experience these mountains. Treks to the base camp of these mountains are a great option. These Base Camp treks are very popular and bring many trekkers every season. The Everest Base Camp trek is the biggest base camp trek in Nepal. It has brought as many as 45000 tourists in its peak season.  

Faisal Sheikh