How Heavy Is A Steel UTE Tray – Know More About The Points

How Heavy Is A Steel UTE Tray - Know More About The Points

UTE Trays are mostly made using any one of the two different materials. The most common one is aluminium and then you have steel trays for utes as well. Now when compared to aluminium, steel is noted to be towards the heavier side.

If your vehicle fails to support the weight of steel UTE, then that will cause it to consume more fuel and will ruin the integrity of the UTE. So, it is always advisable to measure the weight of the steel UTE Tray first and also the capability of the vehicle, before making a purchase.

The heaviness of the steel UTE tray

It is hard to pinpoint an exact weight of the steel trays for utes. It depends on a lot of factors such as

·         Size of the trays

·         The depth of the trays

·         Extra shelves as added on the basic tray

Depending on all these points, the weight of the steel UTE tray is subject to differ from one model to another. Reputed centres ensure to provide you with detailed information regarding the weight of the steel tray along with the dimensions of the products. So, it is always important to check in with the measurements now before making a purchase!

Focus on the rust factor

There are different reasons on why people prefer aluminium over steel trays for utes these days. Weight is definitely one of the prime reasons behind it but that’s not all. Any type of UTE tray is highly suited to the outdoor harsh environment. Whether it is extreme sun harshness or heavy rainfall, the UTE tray has to bear it all.

·         Steel UTE ones are likely to form rust on top if left unattended under rainwater for a longer span of time.

·         On the other hand, you have the aluminium one, which can withstand sun rays and moisture and won’t cause any rust option.

·         If you don’t take care of rust during its initial stage, then it has the power to break down the steel tray even before you have used it properly.

However great durability

People opt for steel UTE trays because of their durability. That’s what makes steel a great option among the masses. Even though aluminium can be light in weight, when it comes to long lasting options, nothing can beat the importance of steel.

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